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360-Degree Network Camera

1MP 720p 180-degree network camera based on Hi3518E

Hi3518E is an entry-level system processor widely used in today’s 720p megapixel network cameras.  Today, an IP camera module supplier has launched a 180 degree security network camera that leveraging the Hisilicon Hi3518E with a 180 degree fisheye lens. The camera is able to deliver up to 180 degree ultra viewing angle video in real-time. It also can support dewarping and ePTZ function, that’s the reason why many manufacturers call it as an VR camera.

720p Hi3518E 180-Degree IP Camera
1.0MP 720p Hi3518E 180-Degree Network Camera

180-Degree Network Camera Hi3518E

  • Embedded RTOS design, Dual-core 32-bit SoC (Hi3518E)
  • 1/4" H42 1.0 megapixel CMOS image sensor
  • Color 0.1Lux@F1.2; B/W 0.01Lux@F1.2 minimum illumination
  • H.264 codec, dual-stream, AVI video format, 0.1M-6Mbps bitrate
  • Main stream 1280x720; sub-stream 704x576
  • Electric shutter 1/50(1/60) - 1/10,000 second
  • 180 degree fisheye lens (M12)
  • IR-CUT filter for day/night switching
  • 2D/3D digital noise reduction
  • Digital wide dynamic range (D-WDR)
  • WiFi, Ethernet connection
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • MicroSDHC card slot to support up to 32GB storage capacity
  • G.711 audio codec
  • Anti-surge protection
  • Remote view App for iOS and Android smartphone devices
  • Not compliant with ONVIF standard

Compared with traditional security cameras, the 180-degree camera can have the entire room covered, greatly reduce the number of cameras installed to monitor the area. 180 degree security camera is the ideal choice for people who intend to monitor interior rooms of house and retail shops. Recently, HIS published an report that 360 degree cameras would growth double-digit within the next few years. 

The manufacturer claimed 180 degree security cameras would end the usage and production of pan/tilt indoor camera. Because conventional pan/tilt cameras capture a narrow field of view and require moving parts to scan the entire area, so these cameras are more subject to mechanical failures. By the way, those camera only record what they see in their field of view and may easily miss a critical event if the camera was looking somewhere else at that time.

The 180 degree security camera can use a fisheye lens to capture the entire scene and events, allowing for total situational awareness with no blind spots.  The camera support ePTZ function, using the App installed in smartphone, users can remotely pan, tilt and zoom through the entire scene. As 180 degree cameras can remove blank spots and you can map someone or see interrelations between individuals - e.g. a team of shoplifters. The panoramic cameras are much better than the traditional security cameras. And with wide area coverage from one camera, users save money.

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