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Home Security System Sends SMS Push Notification Free App

Unifore X9 is a smart home security system offers burglary, fire, flood, carbon monoxide, gas alarm monitoring and home automation functions. It's a reliable security system that utilizing Wi-Fi and GSM cellular dual alarm communication. It's a wireless system that all sensors and the alarm panel communicate with each other wirelessly. Unique anti-jamming technology has been implemented to supervise the wireless communication. It fits Do-it-yourself installation for self-monitoring and paid monitoring service because it can program up to five personal phone numbers and one phone number of alarm receiving centre for alarm notification. It's a modern alarm system that can not only send instant push notification but also can send you SMS (short message) or make a phone call to notify users.

Burglar Alarm System with Smartphone App
Secure your home from wherever you are
Reliable and Flexible GSM + Wi-Fi alarm communication
RFID function, alarm panel has built-in RFID reader to support RFID tags, users can arm or disarm the alarm panel by swiping RFID tags.
Easy to operate, support easy operation via touch keypad and RFID keypad, remote operating via App.
Modern Self-contained, stylish alarm panel supports alarm monitoring, hand-free phone call, 2-way intercom, temperature monitoring, voice memo
Wireless technology, hardwired system is outdated, by using wireless system to enjoy hassle-free installation, unique 2-way communication to ensure the reliability.
Home appliance control, working with wireless remote plugs to control any home appliances by App anywhere, anytime.
Reliable alarm notification, built-in quadband cellular module can use SIM card to send SMS or make phone call upon an alarm occurs can report system's status by sending SMS.
Push notification, by using Wi-Fi connection, the alarm panel is able to send instant push notification to users.

Best Wi-Fi Home Security System

X9 is the best security system can protect your home and business away from burglary, fire, carbon monoxide accidents. The X9 alarm panel has built-in quadband GSM cellular module and Wi-Fi module to support mobile and Internet network communication. It supports programming via touch keypad or smartphone App. Users can remotely control the system wherever you are.

It's a hybrid system contains 24 wireless and 4 wired programmable zone, users can extend the system by adding various kinds of wireless security sensors, or you can connect your existing wired security sensors to it. The system has embedded with English menu, offers away arm, home arm, alarm delay, arm delay, siren time, bypass zone, zone attribute, smart zone, zone chime, schedule arm/disarm and many other options.

X9 is compatible with a wide range of security sensors such as solar-powered outdoor Dual PIR motion sensor, indoor pet-immune PIR motion sensor, wireless smoke detector, carbon monoxide sensor, combustive gas detector, flood sensor and more. Additionally, it works with wireless indoor/outdoor strobe sirens which can provide strong audible and visual deterrent, wireless RFID touch keypad can allow users remotely arm/disarm system from a different place inside the house, wireless doorbell button enables homeowners get notified by receiving push notification alert when having a visitor.

X9 is a modern alarm system has built-in RFID reader, it supports RFID tags. Simply swiping RFID tags users can disarm and arm the X9 system quickly. Moreover, it can work with remote plugs, this enables users can control any home appliances via App.

This system caters the alarm monitoring needs for both self-monitoring and paid monitoring service users. It can program up to 5 personal phone numbers for self-monitoring by phone, and 1 alarm receiving centre phone number for paid monitoring service. Once an alarm occurs, the system can notify users by send instant push notification and SMS alerts, or report the alarm to ARC by using Contact ID (CID) protocol.

Wi-Fi Alarm System Key Features

  • Reliable Wi-Fi + Cellular dual communication
  • Setup system via keypad and smartphone App
  • Send push notification, SMS, make auto-dialing phone call
  • 24 wireless zones, 4 hardwired zones
  • Exit delay, arm delay, alarm delay
  • Away arm, home arm, schedule arm/disarm
  • Up to 5 personal phone numbers for alarm notification
  • Report alarm to alarm receiving centre
  • 2-way communication among sensors and alarm panel
  • SMS report for system's status
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • 2-way voice intercom
  • Support 20 units 433MHz smart plugs
  • Support 4 units RFID tags
  • Support 10 units remote controls or keypads
  • One SMS controllable relay output
  • Easy Wi-Fi camera integration
  • Compatible Contact ID protocol

Standard Alarm System Kit

  • 1x Wi-Fi + Cellular Alarm Control Panel
  • 1x Wireless Passive Infrared Sensor
  • 1x Wireless Magnetic Contact
  • 2x RFID Tags
  • 1x AC/DC Adapter

Technical Parameter

  • Power Supply: AC/DC adapter (100-240V input; DC12V 1A output)
  • Cellular Frequency: 2G/GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz TCP/IP
  • Wi-Fi specification: receiving sensitivyt -86dBm; emitting 18dBm
  • Wireless Frequency: 433.92MHz (complies EU and American Radio Regulation)
  • Wireless Range: >= 100 meters (tested in open space)
  • Communication type: 2-way Supervised
  • Backup: 3.7V 800mAH rechargeable battery (standby 8 hours)
  • Siren Output: DC12V
  • Relay Output: Normal Open
  • APP: Wisen (Android and iOS)
  • Web browser: N/A
  • Application: indoor

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