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Wi-Fi Pan/Tilt Security Camera D1001

Home Security Camera Motion Detection Push Notification Email Alert

Affordable 720p HD Wi-Fi camera supports HD video surveillance through smartphone and computers wherever you are. Leveraging industrial leading HD progressive CMOS image sensor and dual-core ARM SoC design to deliver 1280x720 real-time HD video, incorporating 2D+3D noise reduction, 3A (AF, ATW, AE) and D-WDR to ensure camera can capture clear image under challenging light conditions. Hooking the camera to your router by “SmartLink” Wi-Fi setup or running an Ethernet cable, instantly access and config it on smartphone or watch live HD video. You can set motion detection, sound detection, or extend the system by adding wireless security sensors. Once an alarm is activated, users can get notified by push notification and email alerts. It’s compliant with ONVIF and RTSP protocol, work with NVR, NAS, VMS, ONVIF Client, Youtube.

Keep your home safe, smart pan tilt Wi-Fi HD camera, motion audio detection, sends email and push notifications, alarm recording.
Keep track of what's happening in the house
Day/night, HD video surveillance, smart pan/tilt rotation, 64GB TF/SD memory card, motion detection, push notification alert, 2-way audio, cross platform.
1080p vs 720p vs 960H resolution format
Smart pan tilt rotation, the camera can support 5 preset positions which allow users quickly check the key monitoring spots.
Self-adaptive bitrate control video stream
Compatible with ONVIF and RTSP video stream protocol
CMSClient PC Software Can Manage Multiple Yoosee Cameras Simultaneously
Unifore - Professional Wi-Fi Cameras Manufacturer

Wireless HD Rotating Security Camera

Unifore D1001 is an elegant modern design wireless network camera can support HD video surveillance. The camera can supports 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and RJ45 10/100Mbps wired Ethernet connection, it utilizes a HD progressive CMOS image sensor to capture 1280x720 real-time HD video with crystal clear image, it's a standalone camera can support video streaming over network, adopting unique self-adaptive bitrate control can offer users smooth live video watching experience wherever you are.

D1001 is a pan and tilt camera supports horizontal 355 degree rotation to cover every corners inside your room, it also supports 120 degree tilt rotation. In addition to rotating camera by swiping on smartphone App, the camera supports preset positions. For example, you can set five preset positions, touch one of them, the camera can quickly rotate to it, it greatly helps you to monitor different key monitoring spots.

Unlike conventional IP camera, this camera is able to send push notification and email alerts once it detects any moving object. It also can work with up to 64 wireless security sensors, users can extend system to support burglary, fire, gas leak, flood, carbon monoxide alarm monitoring. Most importantly, you can customize the name of each of these sensors. When an alarm occurs, you will get an instant push notification that says fire alarm sensor is triggered, tap camera you can immediately check what is happening inside room.

Supporting video based motion detection, and its sensitivity is adjustable, and supporting audio detection can be used as a baby monitor to monitor every movements of your lovely baby. Compatible with universal ONVIF 2.4 and RTSP video stream protocol, you are able to access the video streams on any PC or Smartphone ONVIF client software/App locally. You even can hook the camera to your existing video surveillance system, network video recorders, NAS, VMS, media servers.

Key Features

  • HD CMOS Image Sensor + Dual-core ARM CPU/SoC
  • Embedded 128Mbits, 16-bit DDR2 SDRAM
  • Latest Integrated ISP, 3A, ATW, DWDR, Tone mapping
  • 2D+3D digital noise reduction to provide crisp image
  • 1280x720 HD 25fps Real-time video stream
  • Multicasting support max. 5 online users
  • Day & night video surveillance with built-in ICR filter
  • Infrared range <= 10 meters
  • 355° pan, 120° tilt rotation
  • H.264 High Profile L4.0 video encoding
  • G.711 ALAW audio encoding
  • Video motion detection, sensitivity adjustable
  • built-in microphone and speaker
  • Sound detection
  • Send push notification to 3 users
  • Send email alerts to multiple Email addresses
  • Playback video on smartphone App directly
  • Share video clips to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter
  • 24 hours, schedule, manual, motion/alarm recording mode
  • TF/MicroSDHC card slot (up to 64G)
  • Unique FTP function can upload video clips to remote servers
  • On-board/edge video storage
  • IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection
  • RJ45 10/100Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet connection
  • microUSB DC5V 2A power input
  • Reset button design
  • Built-in 433MHz RF module, support up to 64 wireless sensors
  • 433MHz RF range <= 30 meters
  • Free smartphone App - CoT Pro/Yoosee
  • Unique "SmartLink" to setup the camera
  • ONVIF 2.4 protocol, easily integrated with NVR, NAS
  • RTP/RTSP video stream protocol

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