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1080p Smart Home IP Camera

Full HD 1080p Smart Home IP Camera - D1000G

Shenzhen/China, Unifore is proud to release the new product D1000G, which is a smart home IP camera leverages Grain Media GM8136S processor + SC2045 image sensor hardware design, to capture 1920x1080 resolution crisp and high quality video at 30 frames per second. This camera is suitable for those who want to upgrade the existing HD 720p cameras to FHD 1080p resolution, also can be the ideal choice as the DIY WiFi IP camera for residential users.

Nowadays, IP video surveillance market becomes mature, users opt to purchase high quality products with lower cost. Comparing with existing 720p smart home IP cameras, the price of newly developed 1080p cameras just increased a little, this mainly due to the selection of cost-effective hardware. In conclusion, just adding approximate $10, you can get a Full HD 1080p WiFi camera.

1080p intelligent network cube camera
1080p Cube Camera D1000G

Except the image resolution, the other features of this product keep the same. It is equipped with a 3.6mm wide viewing angle lens, and a IR-CUT filter built-in to provide true color reproduction image, also it has a microphone and a speaker built-in allowing 2-way audio intercom, it’s also a WiFi camera that supports 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n connection. 

In terms of smart function, it has a passive infrared (IR) motion sensor built-in, can provide accurate motion detection, also camera itself can support video-based motion detection, and the detection sensitivity is adjustable via smartphone App. The camera also comes with a temperature/humidity sensor dongle, using this sensor, the camera can collect environment data, not only showing the real-time temperature degree and humidity data on video, but also allowing users to setup threshold to receive temperature alert. Certainly, if you think the temperature sensor is not useful, you can remove it when you buy it, this will save you $4.

Please note that Grain Media SoC based IP cameras can only recognize/support 32GB TF card from all brands, it may support 64GB TF card from certain brands. In addition to D1000G, if you are looking for 1080p pan/tilt WiFi camera, you can choose our D1201-AE. 

Full HD 1080p Smart WiFi Camera Demo (D1201-AE)

Lastly, introducing the Grain Media GM8136S SoC, this processor is dedicated to economic H.264 IP camera application, it adopts optimum ARM CPU core and embedded with a 512MB DDR RAM, including a rich peripheral interfaces. This SoC can provide 1920x1080@30fps or 1280x720@60fps video encoding capability, it also supports varies image processing technologies such as wide dynamic range,  3D noise reduction, tone mapping,  and intelligent video analysis (IVS).

SC2045 is the latest 2.0-megapixel CMOS image sensor from SmartSens,  it adopts 1/2.7” optical size design, offering excellent low light performance (color 0.1Lux,  B/W 0.01Lux). SC2035 also supports high dynamic range technology to capture vivid color image. 

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