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Grain Media GM813x SoC IP Camera Solution

Grain Media SoC + High-Flying module Home Automation Solution

IP cameras feature home automation function becomes the new trend in today’s video surveillance industry. Last year, the Starvedia (Lorex® OEM manufacturer) launched HD IP camera leverages Z-Wave module to achieve home automation integration. Here, we introduce you the Grain Media SoC + High-flying wireless modules home automation solution.

Grain Media GM8135S/GM8136S/GM8138S are widely used in today’s cost-effective IP cameras, because these chipsets including embedded DDR SDRAM. By adding a Z-Wave/ZigBee module, the IP camera can perform as a Z-Wave/ZigBee controller, which allows you to add and control your Z-Wave/ZigBee devices and get them to work together in order to get your home to be smart and intelligent.

In this solution, the Wi-Fi and home automation modules come from High-Flying, the available WiFi modules include HF-A1, HF-LPT100, HF-A11-SMT, HF-LPB100. The ZigBee module is HF-Z100C, and Bluetooth 4.0 module is HF-BL100-CL.

High-Flying WiFi/ZigBee/Bluetooth Module
High-Flying WiFi/ZigBee/Bluetooth Module


  • Home & Building automation: Bringing intelligent, convenience and lifestyle
  • Smart Energy: Adding power awareness to products and helping to save energy.
  • Multimedia: Wireless audio streaming and advanced remote controls.
  • Security and Safety: Improving remote control and home monitoring
  • Industrial M2M communication: Internet enhanced M2M communication using existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.
Grain Media SoC Application
Grain Media SoC Application

Main Chip

Main Chip
Grain Media IP Camera SoC Codec
GM8135S-QC  720p@45fps
GM8136S-QC  720p@60fps
GM8136-BA 720p@60fps
GM8136PF-MC 1080p@45fps
GM8138SF-BA 1080p@45fps
GM8139SF-BA 1080p@60fps

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