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Hisilicon Hi3559A 8K SoC Solution

Difference among Hisilicon SoC Hi3556 Hi3559 Hi3559A 4K/8K

Hisilicon, the global leading semi-conductor company focusing on providing high-end and high-performance ARM processor for a wide range of applications including video surveillance, consumer cameras, smartphone, sports DV/cameras, UAV cameras, car dashcam, TV box etc electronics. Recently years the company released Hi3556, Hi3559, Hi3559A etc high-end System-on-Chips that supporting 4K or even 8K UHD resolution to meet requirements for higher resolution cameras. In this article, we provide you a brief information regarding to the difference among these SoC.

Hi3359A 8K Camera Solution

Hi3559A is a professional System-on-Chip has 8K resolution video processing capability, it’s designed for 8K Ultra HD mobile cameras. The newly developed processor can provide 8K30fps or 4K120fps broadcasting level digital video processing and featuring H.265 video compression technology or Film level RAW data output, it also integrates with high performance ISP. Accepting raw signals from multiple 4K image sensors, multiple image signal processing capability, meanwhile supporting HDR10 high dynamic range technology, can support image stitching technology for panoramic camera products, the best solution for 3D/VR cameras. Under 4K30fps or 4K/120fps video shooting mode, Hi3559A provide hardware based 6-DoF digital image stabilization.

Hi3559A integrates Hisilicon exclusive SVP platform which provides rich computing resoucrs, support developing various computer vision application, such as unmanned aerial vehicle, robot etc consumer electronics and industry applications. Hi3559A leverages dul core A73 and dual core A53 ARM BigLittle architecture design, embedded with dual OS to lower power consumption, at the same time boot faster than conventional solution.

Key specification

  • 8K30fps/4K120fps encoding: supporting 8KP30+1080P30 or 4KP120+1080P30, H.265 codec
  • Support multiple channel viewing: support 2x4KP60 or 4x4KP30 or 6x1080P30, hardware image stitching technology
  • High speed storage peripheral: support USB 3.0 or PCIe2.0 high speed interface, 4K HDMI video output

Hisilicon Hi3559 4K@30fps Solution

Hi3559V100 is released by Hisilicon which is the global leading UHD video resolution provider, the generational MobileCam smart video processor is designed for professional cameras, UAW, sports camera, 3D/VR camera or car dashcam. It employs Hisilicon 5th generation Hi-Lark high performance video compression engine, supporting 4K@30fps + 1080p@30fps resolution video shooting, or 2K@50fps /1080p@120fps/720p@240fps etc high speed frame rate video output.

Key specification

  • 4K30/1440P60 H.265 video: supporting 4K@30fps+1080p@30fps or 1440P@60fps+1080P30fps H.265
  • Support dual video shooting: 2K x 2K@30fps 3D or 3K x3K@15fps dual fisheye lens input
  • High speed storage peripheral: support USB 3.0 or PCIe 2.0 high speed interface
  • RAW video output: support professional level 1080P@30fps RAW video output
  • Low power consumption: 4K@30fps + 1080p@30fps H.265 power consumption under 1.25W
  • Digital image stabilization: 6-DoF digital image stabilization

Hisilicon Hi3556 2.7K Resolution

Hi3556 SoC is a 2.7K video resolution camera SoC designed for consumer cameras such as professional camcorder, UAV, extreme DV (sports camera), 3D/VR camera, high-end dashcam etc products. It’s a new generation Mobilecam image processor, adopting Hisilicon 4th generation Hi-Lark high performance video compression engine, supporting main stream 2K@50fps/1080p120fps/720p@240fps high speed frame rate along with 1080p@30fps sub-stream video shooting capability.

Key specification

  • 1440P@60fps +1080p@30fps H.265
  • Dual image sensor input
  • High speed storage peripheral: USB 3.0 or PCIe 2.0
  • RAW video output: professional level 1080p@30fps RAW output
  • Low consumption: typical power consumption is 1.25Watt
  • Digital image stabilization: 6-axis digital image stabilization technology

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