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Best Selling 1080p Wi-Fi PTZ Camera

Best Selling 1080p Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera

Looking for best 1080p wireless outdoor security camera for security of your residence or small businesses? In this article, we have for you best and hot selling outdoor security camera that have a lot of good reviews by users. D1800, smart Wi-Fi PTZ bullet camera is best security camera in 2018 after its release dated back to 2017. The product is the world fist small size PTZ camera which is not just owns powerful features, the price of product is affordable to every consumer users.

#1 Why consumer users perfer mini PTZ bullet camera?

Supporting motorized pan and tilt rotation, optical zoom as well is the main reason why it’s the most liked and purchased security camera in 2018 so far. Although it’s a PTZ camera, its size is very small by adopting patent compact size design. Hence, the cost of the product is very affordable,  the price is equal to price of normal outdoor security camera selling in market.

Consumer users like powerful and advanced products but hate products requiring sophisticated setup process and installation. Unifore D1800 camera is simple to setup since it adopts the most friendly P2P technology derives from Yoosee. The camera can support instant remote view through smart devices (such as Android and iOS smartphone tablet or iPad) that can be setup successfully within several minutes. There is no complex network configuration is required. In addition to support remote viewing through App, it supports connection of professional network video recorder and video management software as well, that means you can connect it to your new or existing professional IP video surveillance system seamlessly.

Buying or owning one smart Mini PTZ bullet camera, you can setup an advanced video surveillance system which usually needs multiple cameras and a set of DVR/NVR in past. The camera has built-in microSD/TF memory card slot to cater the needs for 24 hours or motion activated video recording. This can eliminate the necessity of running NVR in backend for video recording purpose. Unlike other outdoor cameras also support this function, our microSD/TF card slot adopts patent design, which memory card slot can be easily opened from camera’s front glass. Using our D1800 mini PTZ bullet camera, you can enjoy up to 128G memory recording while no need to worry you will damage camera’s hardware when inserting or taking TF memory card out.

#2 Advantages of pan/tilt/zoom camera

Comparing other kinds of security camera, PTZ cameras provide enormous benefits, especially to IP PTZ camera as can be remotely control camera anywhere anytime. PTZ camera can replace multiple cameras for outdoor video surveillance, because one single pan/tilt/camera has large field of view. Depending on the mounting location, the camera can cover a full 360 degree area. It’s the best right for locations which normally necessitate a multi-camera install. For instance, you can install one PTZ camera to cover front and one PTZ camera to cover backyard to have your entire large house area covered. 

Despite the pan and tilt rotation capability, PTZ camera provides optical zoom capability. Optical zoom capability enables camera to capture clear image of a person or object several hundred feet away. Additionally, it allows camera to capture clear image when camera is relocated or monitored scene is changed. By the way, optical zoom allows the camera to be discreetly out of sight from most people while still giving you the ability to zoom in for a clear picture of what’s going on.  Most importantly, you can operate pan/tilt rotation and optical zoom through cross platforms including smartphone app, CMSClient software, NVR, video management software. 

#3 Why it is the best selling camera?

If this camera costs several hundred dollar, it will not be the best selling product in 2018. Except its diversity features and high quality virtue, price is another important key why this become the top best selling cam in 2018. The amount of money you pay only can afford normal IP bulelt camera, but now you can buy a PTZ camera which usually cost several hundred dollars. Moreover, the product utilizes patent housing and mechanical pan/tilt design which can not ensure durability of operation, but also avoid counterfeit products in market. Today, if you find similar products like D1800, it’s 100% sure they come from us. We provide OEM and ODM service to clients from global, we cooperate with more than ten manufacturers in China.

#4 What’s difference between PTZ and Fisheye camera?

Fisheye camera once was popular in market, however it gradually losses its shine. Fisheye camera promises to provide 360 degree viewing angle and deliver panoramic video. Like PTZ camera, it also features ePTZ, which is an virtual or digital pan/tilt zoom function. After using fisheye camera, people are not satisfied especially on image quality. The reason is simple, ePTZ doesn’t equal to mechanical PTZ. It’s a kind of digital image processing with its huge setbacks. 

Yes, fisheye lens covers 360 degree, but inevitably it will omit details on edge of image. The edge of panoramic image’s resolution commonly is poor. It’s bottleneck originally from fisheye lens. Additionally, as fisheye camera’s CMOS image sensor requires to collect a 360 degree images contains several times info than normal view camera. Typically a 2-megapixel or even 3-megapixel fisheye camera can’t provide you good image. PTZ camera uses normal lens it acquires smaller data than panoramic image can ensure image quality and details. 

In a nutshell, if I want to have a security camera to protect a large area, I would like to choose PTZ camera rather than fisheye/panoramic camera. Unless you buy a fisheye camera delivers 4K video capability or adopting multi-lens design then it’s worth buying. Obviously, 4K panoramic camera costs more than 10 times money than our Mini PTZ camera does.

#5 What buyers want most?

IP PTZ cameras are amazing products for today’s IP video surveillance. The camera should replace normal cameras to be massively deployed to protect not just commercial buildings but also residential houses and grocery shops. The popular of mini PTZ bullet camera gives us a hint, people really like the PTZ feature. Most of buyers also want to buy PTZ dome camera but price must be affordable. In the future, Unifore is delighted to launch mini vandal-proof PTZ dome camera to cater this niche market. 

D1800 Outdoor Wireless Security Camera
IP Mini PTZ Bullet Camera
D1800 Outdoor Wireless Security Camera
IP Mini PTZ Bullet Camera

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