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DophiGo Smart Doorbell Free Cloud Storage

2019 Top Best Home Security System with Good Reviews

Are you planning setup a security system to protect your lovely home, or upgrade the system in 2019? Focusing on providing professional and high quality security equipment for houses nearly over a decade, we herein recommend you some best security gadgets which have amazing features that widely acknowledged and welcomed by most users in 2018. These security devices including indoor and outdoor security cameras and smart doorbell, all of them have good reviews

#1 Best Performance Outdoor Security Camera - D1800A/B/C

As rapid developing of video surveillance technology, today PTZ cameras are affordable to most people. Unifore released mini size bullet camera featuring PTZ function. Unlike traditional PTZ camera, it¡¯s a low profile camera that covers a large area by using auto vari-focal lens that can provide you max. 4x optical zoom capability.

Mini PTZ bullet IR camera (Model D1800A/B/C) is really popular among residential users. Apart from 1080p FHD resolution, the camera supports pan/tilt/zoom that helps you to monitor a large area. Users use it to monitor garden, corridor, yard, other important outdoor places where 24 hours HD video monitoring is required. Intending to provide easy installation, the camera supports Wi-Fi network connection along with regular wired Ethernet connection. 

Moreover, it has built-in microSD/TF memory card slot to provide max. 128GB video storage capability. No matter you wanna a simple camera system or an advanced surveillance system consists a slew of cameras and network video recorders, the Mini PTZ bullet IR camera is a perfect choice, it works standalone to record video, or send video stream to your NVR/NAS via Onvif or RTSP stream protocol. 

2019 top best outdoor security camera
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#2 Best Selling Outdoor Security Camera - GW-IPCQJ64X

Price is one of main consideration when we shop online. For outdoor video surveillance, we also recommend you another amazing security camera model GW-IPCQJ64X. It's an low-cost and attractive security camera suitable for both residential home and commercial business. Besides sharing similarities with outdoor cameras in market, this camera owns special skills. It utilizes dual-light system to provide many unique advantages. It can automatically turn visible white light on when motion detection occurs, so this effectively deters intruders at night. Moreover, white light helps camera to capture crystal clear color image under no-light condition. In addition to automatically light controlling, users can manually switch it on/off or set a schedule. 

In some scenarios, users not only require video monitoring but also voice monitoring and recording. This cam has built-in waterproof microphone and speaker. So you can watch HD video with audio, also record video+audio together. Moreover, you can speak with people remotely over your smartphone when you wanna deter intruders. These are not just fancy features, the camera is high quality and is able to provide reliable performance. No bad reviews or compliant received so far. 

Popular 1080p Outdoor Security Camera

#3 Free Cloud Storage Smart Doorbell - DophiGo

New technology like IoT changes our lifestyle, make our living more convenient and safe. Smart doorbell is one of most popular Internet of Things. It connects Internet, so basically you’re able to answer door anywhere even you’re away in office, trip, abroad. No doubt talking about smart doorbell, people will think about Amazon Ring. Well, it’s a good choice for some but not mass people as it’s expensive. Instead of buying Amazon Ring, we here recommend you another great smart doorbell - DophiGo.

DophiGo is a 1.3-megapixel smart doorbell comes with free cloud storage. The camera offers a completely wireless doorbell solution requires no trenching and wiring. It has built-in rechargeable battery, under standby mode it lasts 180 days, under normal daily usage it lasts 90 days. The doorbell employs HiSilicon SoC and embedded with Huawei LiteOS to ensure its stability and ultra low power consumption. DophiGo is equipped with a 1.3-megapixel CMOS can provide 1280x960 4:3 wide aspect radio video, incorporating with 150 degree viewing angle lens, it provides wider viewing angle than conventional security camera. 

When doorbell button is pressed by a visitor, you will receive instant push notification. You are able to answer the door, see the visitor and talk with him/her remotely through smartphone. If nobody answers the door, it will remind visitors to leave voice memo, after leaving the memo, which will be automatically uploaded to cloud server. This ensures you will never miss a call or visitor. 

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#4 Outdoor PIR Floodlight with HD Camera - SL-M1

Using PIR motion floodlight is one of important measures to protect your property. Instead of using conventional PIR motion floodlight, today customers opted for floodlight with HD camera built-in. SL-M1 is a PIR motion floodlight with built-in a HD security camera. In addition to providing 30W white light illumination, it acts as a smart wireless security camera. Home owners can watch HD live stream through smartphone, it also built-in microphone and speaker to support 2-way audio intercom. Moreover, the product has built-in microSD/TF memory card to support on-board video storage.

The floodlight is fully controllable through smartphone, it  can automatically switch on when detecting moving people, then turn it off automatically according to selectable time length. By Leveraging passive Infrared sensor, it only triggers alarm when detecting moving people, can avoid false alarm caused by other subjects like swaying tree, grass, leaves etc environment factors. Comparing with other solution, Unifore SL-M1 provides you a great flexibility, because both headlights and camera are adjustable, you can adjust the angle of them to reach your desired lighting and video surveillance. 

The product directly connects to AC (100-240v) power, no power adapter is needed. It supports 2.4G Wi-Fi wireless connection, greatly simplifies installation. Using the product you just need to wire AC power cable. Most importantly, it support Yoosee app which ranks the best user-friendly application for video surveillance in market. 

PIR Floodlight with Security Camera
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