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Unifore 4K/8MP H.265 IP Camera NVR System

Durable Affordable 4K/8MP Security Camera Sony Sensor/Hisilicon SoC

Unifore, today launched new 4K/8MP security cameras after release of new series 4K network video recorders for enterprise IP video surveillance projects. These cameras feature unique super resolution advantage, which enables camera to capture 8-megapixel (3840x2160, QFHD)/30fps video with exceptional image quality. Aiming to capture noise-free images they employs industry-leading hardware design solution including Hisilicon high-performance processor and 8-megapixel CMOS image sensor from OminiVison and Sony. Unifore is pleased to release these affordable 4K network cameras can work seamlessly with 4K H.265 NVRs to cater the needs of high-end IP surveillance applications.

Entry-level 4K IP Cameras

Intending to provide affordable 4K cameras to our clients, our new 4K series cameras include entry-level, premium and high-end models. The entry-level 4K IP cameras employs cost-effective hardware solution to make 4K cameras are affordable to clients. Entry-level 4K cameras adopts the latest Hi3516AV200 SoC and Ominivision OS08A10 CMOS image sensor design. The 4K security camera has 8-megapixel at maximum 15 frames per second video encoding and streaming capability.

4K/8MP H.265 Outdoor Security Camera
Unifore 4K IP Camera

Premium 4K security cameras

Premium 4K security cameras leverages the same Hi3516AV200 processor as entry-level models, but incorporating a different CMOS image sensor which comes from Sony. The image sensor is Sony IMX274, it’s a 1/2.5 inch total effective 8.51-megapixel CMOS sensor is designed for video surveillance and industrial applications. Similar to Omnivision OS08A10, it also output 4K format video, however features better light sensitivity. This image sensor supports Starvis technology, which so far offers the best night vision capability, can see clearly and capture color video without help of artificial lighting under dim environment.

High-end 4K real-time IP camera

Unifore also offer the high-end 4K IP cameras can support 4K resolution at 30 frames per second video monitoring capability. It mainly leverages the cutting-edge Hi3519V101 processor, it can handle 4K resolution max.30fps video encoding. By incorporating with Sony IMX274 CMOS image sensor, the camera can deliver 4K video with exceptional image quality, since it also can support DOL-HDR. Sony IMX274LQC is Sony’s first CMOS image sensor to support a DOL-type HDR function for 4K angle of view. DOL is acronym of digital overlap, DOL-HDR make camera to shoot 4K video with an expanded dynamic range.

Hi3519 Hisilicon 4K/H.265+
Hi3519 Hisilicon 4K/H.265+

H.265 helps to deploy 4K video surveillance system

Having higher requirement on network bandwidth and requiring a huge storage capacity for massive video data are used to be bottleneck restrained the development of 4K IP video surveillance. Thanks to the recent H.265 video compression technology, they are now not the problems. Unifore 4K IP cameras support H.265 main profile video compression technology, it’s a next generation video compression standard can reduce 70% bitrate of video file without compromising image quality. Comparing with existing H.264 standard, it can save more than half bandwidth and storage. Today, running a 4K IP video surveillance system doesn’t require you to upgrade your network infrastructure. Our H.265 is based by Hisilicon, the company is one of major contributors of H.265 standard, also owns partial patent on it. Our H.265 IP cameras can work seamlessly with H.265 network video recorders (since they are empowered by Hisilicon NVR processors). You are worry-free to use our H.265 IP cameras and can easily setup 4K IP video surveillance system.

Empowered by Sony Starvis Technology

Sony Starvis CMOS image sensor including IMX274LQC, IMX178LQJ, IMX124LQT, IMX291LQR, IMX290LQR. Obviously, IMX271LQC is the only one Starvis CMOS image sensor supports 8-megapixel/4K video output. By integrating this Sony 4K Starvis image sensor into Unifore 4K UHD camera, the camera can provide superior night time performance that can be set for continuous color viewing instead of black and white. Color saturation during daytime and full lighting environments is also increased. The option of converting the image to black-and-white in order to take advantage of Infrared lighting is a great option used to many times in excessively dark areas. 

Sony IMX178 Starvis

4K Resolution 3.6-11mm Varifocal/Motorized Lens

Camera lens plays an important role to achieve 4K resolution, Unifore 4K UHD cameras employs high quality 4K resolution vari-focal lens with adjustable length 3.6-11mm, can not only ensure camera to capture high quality 4K video, but also provide a better flexibility on installation since you’re able to adjust its field of view manually. Motorized zoom lens is optional feature for these 4K/8MP security cameras. By utilizing motorized zoom lens, the camera can get the clear image under the condition that camera is moved or monitoring scene is changed. Motorized zoom lens can on one hand to simplify installation process, on other hand can provide you 3x optical zoom capability and can avoid de-focus problem during long-term operation of camera.

In order to meet variety requirements from our clients. Our 4K IP cameras adopts 3rd generation IR array LEDs, which empower cameras to illuminate up 100 meters distance. IR array LEDs have advantages of super wide illumination angle and super long life expectancy than conventional Infrared LEDs. Our 4K IP cameras can cover larger area and longer distance than counterparts in market. In terms of functionality, the camera supports audio input and output for audio monitoring and recording purpose. Image can support flip, mirror, corridor mode, image parameters are adjustable manually. Advanced image processing technologies also included such as wide dynamic range, digital image stabilization, smart-IR, lens distortion correction, 2D+3D digital noise reduction, HLC and BLC. It also support different recording mode including manual, schedule, motion detection. 

Our 4K H.265 IP cameras can support ROI encoding, which lower resolution for static background while retain high image quality for moving objects. Featuring selectable region motion detection and its sensitivity adjustable. Moreover, they are compatible with ONVIF protocol, can be easily connected to third-party’s NVRs or VMS. They also includes Hikvision private protocol, can be supported by Hikvision iVMS4200 software and Hikvision NVRs. 

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