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Outdoor Mini PTZ Bullet IR Camera

Best buy wireless outdoor camera - mini PTZ bullet camera

Mini PTZ bullet camera is a new type outdoor security camera supports pan and tilt rotation as well as optical zoom. Comparing with traditional PTZ speed dome camera, the PTZ bullet cameras is small and price is affordable, it's the best choice for various outdoor perimeter security applications. Recently Unifore released Mini PTZ bullet IR camera which has integrated with Yoosee solution, which means users can use a single camera to setup a video surveillance system can do real-time video monitoring through smartphone App and record video on built-in microSD memory card and computer or NVR.

1#. 180° Pan 55° Tilt Rotation

Similar to a panoramic camera, a PTZ camera can achieve ultra field of view, so that one camera can cover the entire area without blind spots. However, a PTZ camera is better than the panoramic camera when comparing image quality. Some users are not satisfied with megapixel fisheye panoramic camera because they are limited to produce video with poor image quality. This is a bottleneck for all single fisheye lens camera due to it uses a standard megapixel CMOS image sensor lacking sufficient image detail.

Our mini PTZ bullet camera can rotate 180 degree horizontally and 55 degree vertically, patent step motor design enable rotation is extremely smooth can output stable video when users remote control through smartphone App or computer software. It’s equipped with a motorized 2.8-12mm lens, can meet the requirement for video monitoring no matter it’s for short distance wide angle indoor or long distance narrow angle outdoor applications. We also offer a cost-down version which utilizes a 3.6mm lens for wide angle video monitoring.

Remote 180 degree pan/tilt rotation
Remote 180 degree pan/tilt rotation

2#. Powerful Optical Zoom

Motorized zoom lens can provide many benefits, offering powerful optical zoom is one of them. You can touch video to have close-up view, so that you can identify people’s face or capture car license plate number from a remote distance. Unlike digital zoom, the optical zoom can enlarge image while retain image quality. By combining digital zoom, the camera can provide maximum 16x zoom capability. Adjusting viewing angle during onsite camera installation is a pretty tough task for users, motorized zoom lens can make camera installation become super easier and convenient you can remotely adjust camera’s field of view through smartphone/tablet/computer/NVR, auto-focus function can let your camera to obtain clear view without losing focus that may happen on those traditional vari-focal lens cameras.

4x Optical Zoom Capability
4x Optical Zoom Capability

3#. 2.4G Wi-Fi and Ethernet Connection

Supporting both Wi-Fi and Ethernet network connection, the camera can offer you a great flexibility on installation. You can connect it to your router either using wireless Wi-Fi or running an Ethernet cable. Compliant with IEEE802.11n standard and WPA/WPA2 encryption, can support max. 150Mbps fast speed network transmission while secure data transmission.

4#. Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera Works without Internet/Wi-Fi

This Wi-Fi camera still can work even it doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi or Internet, because it can support standalone/AP mode. When it works in standalone mode, it allows smartphone to establish direct Wi-Fi connection, hence you are able to use the camera even the camera doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi or use Internet. Under this mode, you can watch HD live video, record video, as well as tweak camera’s setting. Standalone or AP mode is extreme useful if you wish to use the camera in a remote area where Internet service is not available. For example, you can use it as a car dashboard camera, animal surveillance camera etc.

5#. Outdoor Camera with Microphone

Most outdoor camera doesn’t support audio function, some may have audio I/O, but users need to buy extra device to use it. Unifore mini PTZ bullet camera has a microphone built-in, using the microphone allow you to listen for anomalies or noises that may indicate a problem, you also can record video footage with audio.

6#. 30M Night Vision 64GB Video Storage

Included Infrared LEDs, the camera can see up to 30 meters under complete darkness condition. It has built-in microSD card slot design, can be put a max. 64GB memory card, so that the camera can keep video footage for a week. It can automatically erase oldest video files when memory card is full.

7#. Motion Detection Push Notification Alert

Comparing with outdoor cameras, this camera employs Yoosee platform, it can support video based motion detection and its detection sensitivity is adjustable, you are able to enable and disable smart detection through smartphone App. It can send you push notification alerts once there is motion detected. It also can capture snapshots and send them to your email via Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail or customized SMTP connection.

Receive instant push alert
Receive instant push alert

8#. Easy Third-Party Integration 

Being compatible with ONVIF protocol, the camera can be easily integrated with third-party IP surveillance system. It can be connected to NVRs from other brands such as Dahua, Hikvision, Vivotek, Honeywell, Bosch, Uniview...etc, it also can work with open-source or paid video management software such as iSpy, Xprotect, BlueIris. It can communicate with network attached storage devices including Qnap, Synology.

Easy System Integration
Easy System Integration

Bottom line 

If you are interested in this product, please do not hesitate to chat with us online. In addition to above mentioned features the camera can provide, the price of this mini PTZ bullet camera is very affordable. Instead of spending money on buying expensive yet ordinary outdoor camera, you should put this camera in your shopping cart. You can install this camera within 15 minutes, no hassle configuration through web browser, just simply install and run Yoosee app, then setup through “SmartLink”, you can access it and watch live video wherever you’re. It does video monitoring, video recording, smart detection all features that a complete camera system can do.

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