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4K UHD panoramic monitoring with PTZ tracking

HD video surveillance technology doesn't reach its plateau, from 720P video resolution to nowadays 4K or 8K UHD IP surveillance equipment can be found in the market. However, if merely providing fixed viewing angle, it's a bit boring. In some wide coverage of surveillance scenes, requiring one IP camera not only can achieve 360 degree panoramic monitoring, but also offer high image quality with full HD resolution, and even meet the needs of automatic tracking to suspicious targets. In this article, we introduce you the Hikvision EagleEye network camera which combines multi-HD cameras and a PTZ camera together to achieve panoramic monitoring with PTZ tracking.

Hikvision 4K UHD Panoramic + PTZ Camera

Technical features:


  • 8x independent 1/1.9-inch 2MP progressive scan CMOS sensors
  • Maximum resolution 2x 4096x1800@30fps
  • Viewing angle: horizontal 360 degree, vertical 78
  • Star low-light: 0.001Lux


  • 1/1.9-inch 2MP progressive scan CMOS
  • Maximum resolution 1920x1080@30fps
  • Viewing angle: horizontal 360 degree (continuous pan)
  • vertical -15 to 90 (automatic flip)
  • 23x optical zoom, 16x digital zoom
  • 3D positioning tracking
  • Automatic tracking with smart video analytics

8x HD IP cameras + PTZ structure design

Hikvision Eagle Eye has a special design, it uses 8 units separate HD cameras which are located on different side of the main camera, plus a PTZ camera underneath. In terms of panoramic monitoring, 4 HD cameras form a 180° panoramic viewing image, totally providing 2x 180° panoramic image, equals to 2x 4096x1800@30fps video surveillance effect. The PTZ camera is designed to provide optical zoom and tracking functions, offering 23x optical zoom, 16x digital zoom, by clicking anywhere on panoramic image, can achieve fast optical zoom in function.

360° Panoramic Monitoring
360° Panoramic Monitoring
Optical Zoom Monitoring
People clearly recognizable in 300m away

Star low-light sensitivity

Most IP cameras are installed for 24 hours video surveillance application,  to know its low-light performance, we can refer to camera video surveillance performance when it works at night. Because of the limitation of image sensor, most of panoramic IP cameras don’t own excellent low-light performance. By checking the captured night image, Hikvision’s Eagle Eye camera can provide excellent low-light performance, no image noise on the dark region of image, the night image keeps quality the same as the camera works in the daytime.

Night video surveillance
Night Video Monitoring

Multiply smart video analystic

Similar to other Hikvision products, this camera offers intrusion, line crossing, object-missing, parking, people gathering etc smart detection; supporting motion detection within 300 meter range, can simultaneously tracking 60 targets; allowing users to move the image, or select the specific region to zoom in.

Hikvision Panoramic + PTZ
Panoramic + PTZ

This camera supports auto-tracking function, allowing users to set event rules, track the specific suspects/targets in preset time, also can switch between manual tracking and automatic tracking. In terms of its image processing technologies, it offers sensor-based WDR, high light compensation, Defog etc functions. It complies ONVIF, CGI, PSIA, GB/T28181 protocols.

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