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ZA20S10 2MP CMOS Sensor

ZA20S10 - Full HD 1080P CMOS Sensor + ISP

ZeeAnn, headquartered in Gyeonggi-do Korea, the company is a pioneer CMOS image sensor developer and manufacturer. Although ZeeAnn is not as famous as its competitors such as Aptina, OmniVision, Panasonic, Sony, the company gained reputation by launching the innovative HD CMOS image sensors integrate image signal processor design. Since the establishment in 2009, the company successfully released ZN220, ZA10S30, ZA20S10, ZA10S20, ZA10S10 models.

CMOS Sensor + ISP Concept

It's the same with CMOS image sensors, an image signal processor is essential component to achieve video capturing. Different from the conventional CMOS image sensors, ZeeAnn products, embedded ISP(Image Signal Processor) in a sensor chip, which can greatly reduce the complexity of cameras development, also reduce the hardware cost and maintain high image quality.

Today, you can find many Full HD 1080p cameras utilize ZeeAnn CMOS image sensors, such as ZA20S10 + Eyenix EN672 hardware design for IP cameras, ZA20S10 + Eyenix EN331 for HD-SDI cameras, ZA20S10 + Techpoint TP2801 for HD-TVI cameras.

HD Cameras based on ZeeAnn's CMOS Sensors:

ZeeAnn’s HD Camera Solution
Sensor + Tx >> Easier technical support with ZeeAnn, Compact board…

HD Cameras based on conventional CMOS Sensors:

HD Cameras based on conventional CMOS Sensors
Sensor + DSP + Tx >> Difficult technical support, Complex board , Higher cost, Thermal heating

ZN220 is the latest CMOS image sensor from ZeeAnn's Full HD product portfolio. It's a 1/2.7-inch, 3um pixel size image sensor that delivers 1932x1092 effective pixels, including a advanced image signal processor, ZN220 can capture high quality video with full HD resolution at 30 frame per second.

ZA20S10, which is the ZeeAnn patented product, is a high-quality, high-performance, low-noise CMOS image sensor includes ISP & OSD design, it has capability to capture clear image with 1920x1088P video resolution at frame rate of 30fps. This 1/2.7 type CMOS image sensor can be widely used in analog HD (AHD, TVI), HD-SDI, EX-SDI, IP Camera etc products. 

  • Active pixel array: 1930H X 1088V
  • Optical format: 1/2.7 inch
  • Pixel size: 3.0um X 3.0um
  • Scan mode: progressive
  • Shutter: rolling shutter
  • Maximum image transfer rate: 1080p (YUV);30fps
  • Sensitivity: 3.0 V/Lux.sec
  • SNR: 39.9 dB
  • Dynamic range: 66.5 dB
  • Dark current: 13.0 mV/sec
  • Max CRA: 15。
  • Power requirement: 345 mW (active);618 uW (standby)

ZA10S20 was launched in 2012, it's a 1/3-inch 720p CMOS image sensor. This image sensor includes image signal processor and OSD built-in design, it provides 1288Hx728V total effective pixels,has been widely used in HD-SDI security cameras and Car rear view cameras to capture 1280x720p HD video maintaining 16:9 video aspect ratio.

  • Active pixel array: 1288H X 728V
  • Optical format: 1/3 inch
  • Pixel size: 4.0um X 4.0um
  • Scan mode: progressive
  • Shutter: rolling shutter
  • Maximum image transfer rate: 720p (YUV); 60fps
  • Output interface: 10-bit/20-bit parallel
  • Sensitivity: 3.1V/Lux.sec
  • SNR: 39.1dB
  • Dynamic range: 66.2dB
  • Dark current: 16.8mV/Sec @ 60 ℃
  • Power requirement: 385 mW (active);360 uW (standby)

Main Features:

  • Automatic exposure control(AEC), automatic gain
  • Control (AGC), automatic black level calibration (ABLC),
  • Automatic white balance (AWB)
  • Lens shading correction, color correction, gamma
  • Correction, hue and saturation, brightness, contrast,
  • Sharpness(edge enhancement), false color suppression,
  • Chroma suppression
  • Efficient de-noising coupled with defective pixel
  • Support for privacy zone and eclipse function
  • Support SMPTE296M for HD-SDI
  • Support for I2C master/slave interface
  • On-chip phase locked loop
  • Built-in OSD to adjust image
  • High sensitivity and low noise characteristics
  • 10-bit raw / de-noised / ISP Bayer,
  • YUV422, RGB565, Mono,
  • BT656, BT1120

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