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Floodlight security camera Australia USA

1080P floodlight security camera exports to Australia and USA

The combo of security floodlight and camera is the best outdoor gadget that effectively protects your house, farm, or garage. We realized a strong demand for the product from USA and Australia. we recently launched SD-M1, that’s a wireless 1080p resolution security floodlight with camera. The product can not only smartly illuminate your property, but also let you achieve smart deterrent and video surveillance. Comparing with similar products from big brands like Ring, Swann, Kuna…etc, our product is more affordable yet high quality is ensured. The product is based on well-known p2p technology derived from Yoosee, the Yoosee app is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphone. In addition to remote view through smart devices, it has a free video management software enable users to manage multiple camera simultaneously on a Windows OS computer.

Highlights of Yoosee security light

  • 30W LED light, smartly turn on to deter intruders
  • Support easy Wi-Fi connection
  • 2-way talk to visitors or scare intruders away
  • Smart light control via app
  • PIR motion sensor detects activity accurately
  • Offering maximum 128GB local video storage
  • Fast and reliable push notification
  • Powered by electricity can replace outdoor light easily
  • Works with your NVR and NAS
  • Connects to 110V/220V directly
1080p Floodlight Security Camera
1080p Floodlight Security Camera SD-M1

Shop SD-M1 US$65

Scalable, easy to expand

The product complies universal ONVIF specification, which is widely used for communication of network devices from different manufacturers. It’s able to deliver 24 hours constant video stream to your existing IP video surveillance system, it even can send stream to your NAS system like Synology video surveillance station. It includes RTSP stream protocol, it also can send HD stream to multimedia devices and software, adopting H.264/AVC video compression, the stream can be played and recorded.

No recurring fee

The product doesn’t come with cloud storage plan, you don’t need to pay monthly recurring fee. It has a weatherproof microSD/SDHX card slot to accept max. 128GB TF memory card for local video storage. It supports 24/7 video view and recording, users are able to play video clips remotely on their smartphone/tablet. Users no need to climb lad to remove the memory card in order to play recorded footage.

Effective invasion detection

Protect the ones you love with a loud siren that can be triggered automatically when activity occurs or turn it on manually via the app. The product supports dual motion detection that combines both video analysis and PIR-motion detection which can greatly reduce false alarm. You will only get alerted when unwanted people step into your property, not being numbed by receiving too many push notification alerts that other security cameras typically do.

Prevention is the best defense

Get a push notification when heat & movement are detected, talk back to say hello or scare off potential intruders, while the camera records everything. Furthermore, it can send snapshots to email and save snapshots to smartphone as well.

Nowhere to hide

It’s a security floodlight that employs two 15W LED light source. The light consumes low energy but produce super-bright 2500 lumens light. Contrary to most security camera, it helps camera to capture color image at night. The color video contains more small detail can identify people, cars and more. The two headlights are adjustable, it covers every angle that leaves no blind spot.

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