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Outdoor wireless PTZ security camera

2019 Outdoor 1080p PTZ Camera 4x Optical Zoom SD Memory Card 2-Way Audio

Unifore is committed to providing you affordable IP security camera, recently launched new SLB425IJ series outdoor camera. The new series camera adopts the patent mini PTZ bullet design, it has 180 degree pan rotation and 55 degree tilt rotation capability, by equipping with a motorized zoom lens, it offers 4x optical zoom capability. Comparing with other outdoor camera in market, the camera features PTZ function which helps to cover a large area and leaves no blind spot.

SLB425IAP series camera includes four different models:

  • HS-SLB425IAP-C36: Mstar MSC313E + SC2135, H.265/H.264, 3.6mm fixed lens, microSD card slot, Ethernet
  • HS-SLB425IAP-C13: Mstar MSC313E + SC2135, H.265/H.264, 2.8-12mm motorized zoom lens, microSD card slot, Ethernet
  • HS-SLB425IJP-C36-WF: Hi3518EV200 + SC2135, H.264, 3.6mm, Ethernet + Wi-Fi
  • HS-SLB425IJP-C13-WF: Hi3518EV200 + SC2135, H.264, 2.8-12mm, Ethernet + Wi-Fi
  • HS-SLB425IJ1P-C13-WF:Hi3518EV200 + SC2135, H.264, 2.8-12mm, Ethernet + Wi-Fi, microSD card slot
  • HS-SLB425IJ1P-C36-WF: Hi3518EV200 + SC2135, H.264, 3.6mm, Ethernet + Wi-Fi, microSD card slot
Outdoor PTZ camera functions

Advanced PTZ function and preset position

Though it’s bullet type camera, it adopts PTZ motor design to support horizontal and vertical rotation, the camera’s view angle can cover a large area, it’s ideal to replace multiple cameras in outdoor video surveillance application. The camera can come with motorized zoom lens, which support auto-focus to obtain clear image. This present loosing focus problem that occurs on traditional vari-focal lens cameras. Furthermore, it provides you 4x optical zoom, it provides you a great flexibility when using the camera to monitor outdoor objects, no matter it’s close or far away, the camera still sees clearly. Optical zoom also helps you to capture details like the car plate license number, face characters. These things can not be achieved by common cameras mainly using fixed focal length lens.

Similar to professional speed dome camera, the camera also supports preset position, users can set the security camera to automatically look at a certain area.

1080p Crystal Clear Video

All models employ 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor that delivers 1920x1080 resolution video, incorporating MStar MSC313E or Hisilicon Hi3518V200 SoC including 3D noise reduction and wide dynamic range etc advanced image processing technology, the camera is able to capture crystal clear image under variable lighting condition. MStar MSC313E model has built-in H.265 codec engine to support H.264 and H.265 video compression to reduce file size, which in turn save nearly 70% bandwidth and storage space comparing its predecessor H.264.

Two-way audio intercom

Unlike other outdoor cameras, this one has built-in microphone and speaker, it supports two way audio intercom. You’re able to listen to onsite voice, or even talk with people remotely through smartphone anywhere.

Up to 128GB Edge Storage

The camera has built-in mciroSD/TF memory card slot design to support edge video storage. After inserting a memory card, the camera can record video that overcome network disruption. The camera offers multiple video recording mode includes 24 hours/continuous, schedule, motion detection. Loop recording function that automatically overwrites the oldest video clips once memory card is full.

Ethernet Wi-Fi Network Connection

Depending on your requirement, we offer different models that either support Ethernet only or Ethernet + Wi-Fi. Therefore you’re able to setup a reliable wired network surveillance system or a wireless video camera system owns a great flexibility.

IP66 Weatherproof Design

Aluminum enclosure, IP66 rated weatherproof design it’s highly reliable and durable. The product withstand harsh weather condition, it fits indoor and outdoor application.

Onvif Interoperability

The security camera has built-in p2p protocol to support hassle-free remote view through smartphone devices. It has built-in web server to support web browser accessing. All cameras are compatible with Onvif specification, they're able to work with network video recorders and video management software from third party.


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