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1080p smart doorbell camera

Experts View: Disadvantages of Battery Powered Wireless Smart Doorbell Camera

Basically there are two kinds of smart doorbell in market, which including batteries powered type and AC/DC powered type. Battery powered smart doorbell can provide a completely wireless solution for the installation and operating of the device, no wiring is required. Apparently, battery powered type is more attractive though the price of it is higher than AC/DC powered type. However, here we disclose some insights on disadvantages of batteries powered smart doorbell.

What’s the battery powered smart doorbell? 

Intending to provide the hassle-free installation, smart doorbell now includes a battery pack just like your smartphone that can run without connecting AC/DC power adapter. You can easily install the device without additional wiring and trenching. Typically such kind of device can run more than 3 months, after battery runs out users can take get it recharged.

Despite the smart doorbell actually consumes very little power (<=2W) in the day time. However, since most of smart doorbell utilizes Infrared LEDs to provide night vision capability. The night vision function will consume much power (>5W) when the device is operating at night. Intending to reduce the power consumption, most battery powered smart doorbell employs “wake-up” algorithm, which the most functionality is done normally, when call button is pressed, the system will wake up immediately.

It can’t operate as a security camera

Since battery powered smart doorbell only works when doorbell is pressed, it can ‘t be operate as a security camera. The doorbell only delivers video stream in demand, it can’t send HD video stream to other network devices. To people are seeking integrated security solution, this is one of the major setback. Therefore battery powered smart doorbell lacks of interoperability and scalability, it can’t work with video surveillance software, DVR/NVR recorders, and network attached storage, video management software, home automation system…etc.

Wake-up mode isn’t reliable

Though “Wake-up” promises to boot up system quickly, but it’s not as reliable as manufacturers advocated. In our empirical experiment, occasionally battery powered smart doorbell fails to wake-up after call button is pressed, and app shows the device is offline. Consequently, you may can’t wake up the camera occasionally if you want to check out the video or you have a guest standing in front of your door, but you can’t be notified. As one of most important function of the doorbell, the product is a piece of junk.

Battery can’t last much time

Yes, when you buy battery powered wireless smart doorbell, it will show you how long the battery will last. The data on description typically is theoretical, it’s not the useful and practical data. No matter what kind of battery inside of device, you have to change the battery pack or get it to be recharged in every year.

Unreliable network connection

Battery powered smart doorbell only supports wireless/wi-fi network, they don’t have an Ethernet port. Unlike wireless, Ethernet sometime is much better in some circumstances, for example, the distance of wireless coverage is within 10-15 meters with batteries, while the distance of wired connection is 100 meters. If the Wi-Fi signal is weaker, users have to spend extra money to improve Wi-Fi coverage. Comparing with wireless, wired Ethernet’s speed is faster than wireless/Wi-Fi. Furthermore, wired Ethernet can provide much reliable connection than Wi-Fi. Lastly, with an Ethernet port users can take advantage of Power over Ethernet function.


Except making installation become easier than before, battery wireless solution is still not mature. In order to achieve long time operation, the device should use high capacity battery pack while reduce power consumption when working at night. Today we still recommend regular smart doorbell supports 24 hours video surveillance function and has an Ethernet port.

Recommend best smart doorbell

Here we recommend you the Yoosee SD-M5, which is a 1080p wireless smart doorbell. Unlike similar products in market, it supports AC/DC 8-36V voltage input so that you can upgrade your traditional wired doorbell system easily by using the existing wiring. In addition to supporting wireless/Wi-Fi network, it includes RJ45 port to support wired network connection. Most importantly, it includes a PoE injector; you’re able to take advantage of Power over Ethernet technology to simplify installation meanwhile maintaining high reliability.

Yoosee 1080p smart doorbell camera
Yoosee SD-M5 Smart Doorbell

The product can work with network devices and software through universal ONVIF specification and RTSP protocol. SD-M5 can be connected to your Hikvision/Dahua NVR, Synology NAS, iSpy Blue Iris security software. Additionally, it’s a security camera supports motion detection can send instant push notification alerts to your smartphone. It supports unlimited edge video storage, users just need to insert a TF/microSD memory card. The device can record video 24 hourly, network and internet connection is not required.

The smart doorbell can work with wireless chime receiver and wireless unlock module to achieve versatile function. When working with wireless unlock module, you’re able to unlock electronic lock from smartphone anywhere anytime. Unlike other products may use bad app, SD-M5 relies on renowned Yoosee app which totally has more than 20 million users. The app is user-friendly, and easy to setup the device. Comparing with other app, it adopts unique sharing algorithm to prevent possible hacking. Recently it’s added user share and permission management function to improve the app.

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