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IP PTZ Cameras 1080P with 6KV Lightning Protection

Security camera installation: lightning/surge protection

Lightning strikes and voltage surge will damage everything, it’s the devastating blow to your security camera systems. Lightning/surge protection is essential when installing the video surveillance systems, especially the outdoor cameras are prime targets for lightning strike.  Although most majority CCTV equipment features standard lightning/surge protection, you still need to have extra measures to protect the system from lightning strikes.

Lightning Strikes to City

How to protect your camera system from lightning?

  1. All the equipment should be properly grounded to the building’s structural steel as close to the equipment as possible.
  2. Don’t use individual power supplier for cameras, using a power distribution box with circuit breakers to help minimize the damage that can be incurred to power surges.
  3. Utilizing a surge protector to prevent possible damage to DVR/NVR.
  4. If possible, employing a Uninterrupted Power Supply to protect the system against power surges, power lags and power failures. 


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