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Solar powered security camera HK-C5

Disadvantages advantages: solar powered security camera

As the fast development of technology, today solar powered security cameras become the popular choice when people wants to setup a wireless video surveillance system. Though solar powered security cameras are much better than conventional security cameras, we may still want to know the pros and cons of this type of product.

Advantages of solar powered security cameras

Easy installation: solar panel provides the power and camera supports Wi-Fi connection, it’s completely wire-free and it’s truly Do-it-yourself system and may not need to outsource the installation service.

Eco-friendly: solar panel converts sun lights to electricity, the camera works with clean and renewable energy, the internal battery provides the power when camera works at night. Working independently: solely relying on solar panel to receive power and can not be interfered by outage of electricity.

Wireless transmission: the camera can connect to Internet/Ethernet work through either Wi-Fi or 4G LTE.

Disadvantage of solar powered security cameras

Battery charging: under the condition that its battery runs out competely, and solar panel can not receive sufficient light to generate the power, the operation of camera will be interfered. This will have impact on stability of its operation.

Wireless range: since solar powered security cameras uses Wi-Fi or 4G LTE technology, no wonder it may encounter weak wireless signal, unstable Wi-Fi connection, and even signal interference problem. These problems can be from trivial to medium depending on your Wi-Fi environment or the place where camera will be installed.

Solar powered security camera HK-C5
Solar powered security camera HK-C5

Tips to use and install your solar powered security cameras

  1. Ensuring no obstacles is on the top of solar panel that may impact conversion rate of solar panel
  2. Camera should be mounted firmly or tightly that can be not easily moved by vandalism.
  3. If Wi-Fi signal is weak, trying to solve it by using Wi-Fi booster/extender.
  4. Checking waterproof for all connectors, the camera, and other components.

Maintenance tips

  1. Camera lens should not face to direct sunlight, since direct sunlight will not only degrade the image quality, but also cause irreversable damage to its CMOS image sensor.
  2. Camera should avoid contacting oil, steam, dust..etc chemicals.
  3. .Do not use organic solvent to clean the lens
  4. If camera can not be charged fully, it should be charged manually by using the AC/DC power adapter.

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