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Smart Home IP Camera has Z-Wave Integration

We are entering into industrial 4.0 era, while the Z-Wave technology is gaining more popularity in smart home applications, Unifore, the China smart home solution provider, has observed the trend and brought a Z-Wave based gateway feature to its home camera. With this value-added camera as a center, users can exert full control over Z-Wave sensors/accessories in their residences.

Z-Wave technology integration

Unifore's embedded gateway enables connectivity with any other Z-Wave devices within a house, including Z-Wave smart electrical outlets, door-lock, curtain drawer, lighting, security sensors and so on. Z-Wave Scene Control System allows you to pre-program multiple scenes and remote control groups of Z-Wave devices. For example, turn up the heat before arriving home or remote access and control the vacation home.

Through the App "Erobot", remotely oversee the home is not the only benefit; users can further categorize different options for each room in your house and control the devices ON/OFF, dim light color and stay early alert to safe guard your home.

Easy installation via Plug&Play

Erobot camera also features a truly plug&play installation and thus saves users from complicated configuration processes, delivering unprecedented user friendliness. Now all users have to do is simply connect the Erobot to the Wi-Fi network, scan a QR code to download the App Erobot to their iOS or Android devices, and let the system complete the whole installation automatically.


The dual-lens design provides clear images in 1280x720 resolution at 30fps day and night. The alarm can be triggered once the built-in motion, sound and temperature sensors detect any abnormal events. The pre-recording function would enable recording 5 seconds before the alarm is triggered, and notifications would be pushed to mobile devices immediately. The built-in PIR motion sensor can accurately detect indoor movements within 7 meters, even when the room temperature is close to body warmth during summer time.

The all-in-one camera also allows users to record the video in a private SD card or in Dropbox cloud which has 2G free storage space for data backup. The free APP/software can facilitate the simultaneous live viewing and management of footage for up to 20 users.

About Erobot

Erobot is new generation smart IP camera, it works with a wide range of wireless security sensors. The Erobot cameras can not only deliver HD images with 720p/1080p resolution, but also offering advanced alarm monitoring and smart home automation features.

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