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Network camera, what's WDR, BLC, HLC?

What's WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)?

The WDR function is intended to provide clear image performance in strong backlight areas such as exterior light coming through a window or glass door. High contract light conditions are no longer a problem when you need to capture detailed images.

Conventional camera vs WDR camera
Conventional camera vs WDR camera

What's BLC (Backlight Compensation)?

Backlight is the light behind the object of interest in a scene. Back Light Compensation (BLC) automatically brings more detail to darker areas of an image when bright light shining from behind obscures it and provides perfect exposure for an object in front of very strong back light. The electronic shutter of the camera basically adjusts its exposure to try to allow for more light to be allowed in the darker areas.

Conventional camera vs with BLC
Conventional camera vs with BLC

What's HLC (Highlight Compensation)?

It's ability to reverse bright points in the picture to black. As an effective approach to recognize vehicle plate number at night, HLC function can detect any spotlight diffused by object-vehicle and compensate it for obtaining clearer image.

Conventional camera vs with HLC
Conventional camera vs with HLC

The different between WDR and DWDR, BLC: http://www.unifore.net/analog-surveillance/what-s-the-wide-dynamic-range-wdr.html


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