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Network camera basic knowledge: ICR, AWB, AGC

What's ICR (Infrared Cut Filter Removal)?

An IR filter, or IR cut filter, - is a color filter blocking the infrared light. In order to avoid unwanted side-effects caused by infrared light (as part of the natural ambient light) during image capturing in day light mode, an IR Cut Filter is installed in front of the sensor. The filter is meant to prevent the incidence of infrared light onto the image sensor. When ICR is on, camera is able to increase highly its light sensitivity in monochrome mode.

 ICR  IR-CUT Filter

More information about ICR: http://www.hkvstar.com/technology-news/whats-ir-cut-infrared-security-camera.html

What's AWB (Automatic White Balance)?

Color temperature is directly related to environment and it influences on the color of image. AWB feature can automatically adjust the white balance in response to varying light conditions to reproduce accurate color without any color-cast caused by different lighting source (e.g. incandescent, fluorescent and quartz light).

Conventional camera vs with AWB
Conventional camera vs with AWB

What's AGC (Automatic Gain Control)?

It's a form of amplification where the camera will automatically boost the image received in much lower light conditions than standard in order to optimize the clarity of image in poor lit scene. Turn on AGC function will amplify the total video signal including noise.

Conventional camera vs with AGC
Conventional camera vs with AGC

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