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Megapixel Network Cameras

Security network cameras: 720p or 1080p

Apparently, image resolution is the main factor when we consider to buy or use a security network camera. As the consumers, they confront numerous choices, how to select the right one that you will not regret. Although 1080p resolution is higher than 720p, don't naively think 1080p WiFi network camera can be the perfect fits every specific video surveillance applications. In this article, I am going to share some information on this topic. If you think it's helpful, please don't forget to share this article.

Choosing 1080p HD video cameras:

  • 1. Requires excellent image quality
  • 2. Has up to 4-5Mbps upload network bandwidth
  • 3. Tech savvy, wanna try 1080p or even 4K network cameras
  • 4. Price isn't in your consideration list
  • 5. Up to 90 degree wide monitoring angle

Choosing 720p HD video cameras:

  • 1. Mainly watch live HD video stream on your smartphone.
  • 2. 2 Mbps or even lower network bandwidth, or slow Internet connection
  • 3. Regular consumers
  • 4. Bargain price, small budget on equipment (cameras, NVRs, network switches etc.)
  • 5. Normal viewing angle

Different from conventional home cameras, a network camera needs to deliver video stream on Internet. Your network bandwidth highly can be the bottleneck for your 1080p HD video camera, thus some 1080p HD network cameras utilize dual stream technology, which allows local preview and recording supports max. 1080p or even higher resolution, meanwhile delivers sub-stream (720p, VGA, CIF) on Internet.

1080p network cameras are better than 720p network cameras, the video surveillance application mainly require local previewing and video recording.

720p network cameras are suitable for home users, especially, when you consider to use your smartphone to watch HD live video. The reason is 720p resolution can fit your residential network bandwidth (approximate upload speed/bandwidth is 2Mbps), can deliver smooth video stream on your smartphone, meanwhile supports local video previewing and recording.

Playing 720p HD video will occupy less CPU load/usage, when compare the 1080p video, this is also important when you play video stream on smartphones. According to this theory, We suppose 720p HD video will offer good user experience. Additionally, the price of 720p network camera is 2 times cheaper than its counterpart 1080p.

The resolution difference also will effect the required video storage, low resolution equals low storage capacity. Recording on the same HDD, a 720p network camera can record 2 times longer than the 1080p network camera.

In terms of viewing angle, a very wide viewing angle image contains much details and information, so a network camera supports 1080p resolution can provide you much detailed images, meanwhile you can digital zoom in to check details.

In summary, there is no universal answer for this question. You may even want to try 4K network cameras, since the evidence shows 4K/UHD resolution will become the TV standard in the future.


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