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IP Cameras: difference between VBR and CBR bitrate controlling

VBR and CBR are two different bitrate controlling methods in your IP cameras. VBR stands for variable bit rate, and CBR stands for constant bit rate. VBR changes the bitrate according to the image content. CBR keeps the bitrate the same throughout the encoding process.

IP Camera VBR/CBR Settings
IP Camera VBR/CBR Settings

VBR vs CBR, which is better? Generally, VBR can retain the best image quality during video streaming, thus it’s better than CBR. However, if you want to transmit video stream over constrained network bandwidth or want to reduce the storage, you may opt for CBR. CBR is most commonly used for streaming video content using the Flash Media Server (RTMP). Lastly, VBR is the default method for bitrate controlling of the IP cameras.

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