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PoE Solution for Network Video Surveillance

60W PoE Switches for IP PTZ Cameras

Offering up to 100 meters data and power transmission over a single Ethernet cable, PoE technology has been gradually adopted into today's IP video surveillance system. Currently, most of PoE products comply IEEE802.3af & IEEE802.3at standards. IEEE802.3af is the first PoE standard which provides up maximum 15.4W power to the powered devices (PDs), IEEE802.3at or PoE plus (PoE+) standard has doubled the power to 30 W. However, some specific applications require power supply to be higher than 30W, so some companies released nonstandard PoE system that can deliver 60 W power to PDs.

According to Cisco and Texas Instruments, instead of using two pairs, the 60W higher power PoE requires power transmission over all four pairs. Moreover, in order to ensure proper operation, based on current IEEE802.3at standard, several design considerations must be taken into account. First, the current limit of both the PD and the PSE must be increased. Second, current-carrying components such as the diode bridges, power transistors, and sense resistors must be scaled up. Finally, the Ethernet data isolation transformers must be capable of carrying the worst-case current without data corruption. It may also be desirable for a high-power PSE or PD to reject its standard compliant counterpart to prevent potential failures.

PoE 802.3af PoE 802.3at
PoE 802.3af PoE 802.3at

The non-standard 60W PoE greatly expands the deployment of Power over Ethernet in IP video surveillance systems, especially many IP PTZ cameras require power supply to be higher than 50W. In past, IP PTZ cameras use the 24VAC/12VDC power supply because the standard PoE doesn't deliver up to 50W of power. Furthermore, security cameras are typically installed outdoor for 24-hours operation, and in order to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme heat and cold temperature, most of them have heater and fan built-in, which greatly increased the total power consumption of network cameras.

In addition to use 60W PoE switches, users also can choose high power PoE injector, midspan to achieve Power over Ethernet. Although 60W PoE system provides many benefits, many installers and integrators still don't use it because of the concerns on stability of PoE.

Feature/standard 802.3af (802.3at type 1 ) 802.3at type 2 (POE+) UPOE
Output power of power supply [W] 15.40 30 60
Minimum power available for the powered device [W] 12.95 25.5* 51
Output voltage of power supply [V] 44...57 50...57 Max. 57
Supplying voltage available at the powered device [V] 37...57 42.5...57 Max. 57
Max current [mA] 350 600 720
Ethernet compatibility 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX
and 1000BASE-T
and 1000BASE-T
and 1000BASE-T
Range [m] 100 100 100
Twisted pair used 2-pair 2-pair 4-pair
Cabling UTP/FTP min. cat. 3 UTP/FTP min. cat. 5 UTP/FTP min. cat. 5

As a pioneering IP video surveillance solution provider, Unifore can provide users 4-ports 60W high power PoE switches work with outdoor IP PTZ dome network cameras. Unfore's 4-ports PoE switches deliver a 60W power supply with 10/100Mbps data communication over PoE transmission, not only reducing network wiring, but also meeting the requirements of high-power IP PTZ cameras. By the way, we also offer 60W high power PoE splitters that can split data and power, and feed to the designated non-PoE network camera. If you are looking for PoE solution for IP PTZ cameras, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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