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Disassembled CCD Camera Module

Install microSDHC/TF card to an outdoor network camera?

Some outdoor network cameras have built-in microSDHC/TF card slot allows users to insert a TF card for edge video storage, or recording video on-board microSDHC card. However, for our compact outdoor network cameras (e.g D1400), it's difficult to insert the TF card, because it hides inside the camera housing. So, if you want to insert the TF card, you have to carefully open the camera to proceed. 

In order to prevent possible damage to your camera, herein we provide the detail instruction guides you how to carefully disassemble the camera, and find the secret microSDHC/TF card slot. Please note that you need to prepare a cross screwdriver.

1. Manually remove the Sun shield and glass cover. 

Remove the Sun shield and Glass
Remove the Sun shield and Glass

2. Using the screwdriver to unscrew two screws on Infrared illuminators board. Making sure don't touch the rest of screws.

Remove the screws on IR board
Remove the screws on IR board

3. Slowly pull the Infrared illuminators board out a little. As long as you can see the microSDHC card, stop pulling.

microSDHC/TF card on IP camera module
microSDHC/TF card on IP camera module

Remark: Pulling the Infrared illuminators board out slowly, to avoid breaking the WiFi connection antenna. Before assembling the camera, you need to carefully check the connection terminals on camera module. Do not touch lens and front glass with your hands!

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