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Hikvision SADP Tool/Utility

Hikvision Camera/DVR/NVR Password/Security Code Reset Tool

Here we present you the most popular Hikvision utility which allows you to obtain admin password reset code online, it 100% works and there is no need to download any software or tool. By using this online tool, you can generate a security code for your security cameras according to the algorithm. The algorithm is the tool can generate a code by calculating serial number and current date of your IP camera. Before using this tool, please get the device serial number by either checking the product label on camera or using the Hikvision SADP tool.

    This tool helps to solve problem as below:
  • You need to reset Hikvision IP camera/DVR/NVR
  • You want to reset password of network camera/video recorder
  • You accidently forgot admin password of your security camera/surveillance NVR/DVR
  • You want to find a Hikvision password key or generator
  • You don't know username of the security camera
  • You want to have a security code to reset your camera

Please note that this tool works with your Hikvision network cameras, it doesn't work other brands such as Dahua, Vivotek, Honeywell.

Hikvision Camera Password Reset Online Tool

Enter your camera's complete CASE SENSITIVE serial number, as seen in the Hikvision SADP tool.
Important: The date you enter below much match with the camera's clock. Most likely it is not today's date! To find out what date your camera thinks it is, power cycle your camera, give it time to boot up, and then refresh your camera list in SADP and check the Start Time column.
Enter the 4 digit year the camera thinks it is:
Enter the 2 digit month the camera thinks it is:
Enter the 2 digit day the camera thinks it is:
Your password reset code will appear below. (Tap/click it to reveal the result!)

The code must be entered into the Hikvision SADP tool in the Serial code box (called Security Code in later SADP versions). The camera will compare its internal date and time with the date and time you have entered above. The Serial Number and date must match perfectly or else the code will not work.

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