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Dual Lens Smart Doorbell Ingenic T40

Disassemble Dual-Lens Smart Doorbell Based on Ingenic T40

We’re going to disassemble the flagship dual-lens smart doorbell, this smart doorbell has two cameras including the primary 4-megapixel one and the secondary 1-megapixel one, dual-lens design enables the produce to cover the entire scene leaving no blind spots. It offers 2.5K super high definition image, 2560x1440 resolution, high image quality, it also supports night vision, the distance can reach up to 5-meters, it can automatically switch between color and monochrome mode.

In addition to remotely answer the door through smart phones, it also offers many smart functions including AI parcel recognition, loitering detection, AI humanoid detection, AI visitor recognition, motion detection. The smart doorbell has a 9000mAH battery built-in, one full-charge enables the product to work for 6 months.  

Dual lens Smart Doorbell with Wireless Base Station

 Close-up View of Main Camera

Primary Camera, 4-megapixel, 2.6K Super HD resolution, PIR motion sensor and Infrared LEDs are below the cover.

Close-up View of Secondary Camera

The buttom camera, 1-megapixel resolution, including two Infrared LEDs around the camera.

 Side View of Dual Lens Smart Doorbell

On one side of smart doorbell, it has holes for speaker, there is a Type-C port for battery charging on the other side of the product.

Disassemble the buttom camera

 Smart Doorbell's Back Cover is Removed

 Battery Pack Inside the Smart Doorbell

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack model 21700-1S2P, voltage 3.6V, rated capacity 8700mAH 31.32Wh, nominal capacity 9000mAH, 32.4Wh, limited charging voltage 4.2V, manufacturer: Lorestartech.

Battery Pack Specification

Main Board of the Smart Doorbell

Main board and front cover

Close-up View of Front Cover

One side view of Main Board

Main Board of Smart Doorbell

The Bottom Camera

All PCB Boards of Smart Doorbell

The Primary Camera of Smart Doorbell

The Primary Camera of Smart Doorbell

PIR motion sensor in smart doorbell

Nicera P824M Infrared Sensor, sensing the change of infrared energy in environment to detect human movment.

LN8502 IR-CUT Filter Driver

The LN8502 is an IR-CUT driver with an integrated push-pull structure, which receives control signals from the MCU and outputs relevant logic signals to provide the appropriate power to the motor. The LN8502 has integrated overtemperature protection to shut down the load current when the internal temperature of the circuit exceeds the set value (150C typical). When the junction temperature of the circuit drops to a preset temperature (130C typical), the circuit returns to normal operation, but the circuit does not have short-circuit protection.


SGM41511 I2C controlled 3A single-cell battery charger with high input voltage capability and narrow voltage DC (NVDC) power path management. The SGM41511 supports fast charging and a wide input voltage range for smartphones, tablets and portable systems. I²C programming makes it a very flexible solution for power supply and charger design.

Broadchip BCT8933 Audio Amplifier Chip

BCT8933 is a powerful Class-T audio amplifier. Using our unique digital power modulation (DPM) audio algorithm, effectively eliminate audio noise, increase signal dynamic range which will greatly improve sound quality and volume. The BCT8933 includes a built-in 2x charge pump converter which generates a 6.3V supply voltage. This can provide a wider audio signal output range than a traditional class D amplifier directly connected to the battery. The BCT8953 can provide 2W output power into 8Ohm load from the 4.2V battery voltage.

Disassemble Dual-Lens Smart Doorbell Based on Ingenic T40

Lux/light Sensor

Infrared LEDs of Smart Doorbell

Call Button of Smart Doorbell

Microphone of Smart Doorbell

LN5685 IC

The Natlinear LN5685 5-channel low dropout PWM dimming LED driver is a low dropout, adjustable constant current biaser for LED driving. 5 low-voltage drop current precipitation outputs, each channel standing constant current, one way damage does not affect other channels, solves the light flash, horizontal pattern interference, simple EMI caused by switching LED driver; The output current is adjustable, supports continuous temperature protection, small mismatch between channels, and high linearity of voltage adjustment; Dimming via PWM.

Disassemble Dual-Lens Smart Doorbell Based on Ingenic T40

LN3440 DC/DC PWM Controller

Natlinear LN3440 single inductance buck-boost integrated DC/DC voltage regulator, the circuit is composed of current mode PWM control loop, error amplifier, comparator and power switch and other modules. The chip operates efficiently and stably over a wide load range, with a built-in 1.2A power switch and soft-start protection circuitry. Up to 95% conversion efficiency can effectively extend battery life. The output voltage can be set by adjusting the two applied resistors.

AltoBeam ATBM6441 Low Power Consumption Wi-Fi Chip

AltoBeam ATBM6441 low power consumption Wi-Fi processor, supporting 2.4GHz 1T1R, IEEE802.11 b/g/n procotol, embedded with 2MB (16Mbits) Flash ROM, support Wi-Fi keep-alive and remote wake-up.

Disassemble Dual-Lens Smart Doorbell Based on Ingenic T40Disassemble Dual-Lens Smart Doorbell Based on Ingenic T40

Ingenic T40 SoC

Ingenic T40 4K video AIoT application processor, using XBurst2 1.2GHz dual-core architecture processor, built-in 600MHz RISC-V coprocessor, integrated 8TOPS computing power AI engine; ISP supports 4K video processing, maximum resolution 3840x2160, supports dual sensor input, and supports up to two 4M simultaneous inputs; Built-in Audio Codec, support dual AMIC inputs; It also has a rich interface design to meet a variety of differentiated vision applications.

Winbond W25Q256JV ROM Chip

W25Q256JV (256M-bit/32MB) serial flash memory provides a storage solution for system with limited space, pins and power. The 25Q series offers flexibility and performance well beyond ordinary serial flash devices. They’re ideal fo code shadowing to RAM, executing code directly from Dual/Quad SPI and storing voice, text and data. The device operates on a single 2.7V to 3.6V power supply with current consumption as low as 1uA for power-down.

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