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Solar Powered Dual Lens PTZ Camera

Troubleshooting Maintenance Tips Solar Powered PTZ Security Camera

As fast developing of technology, security camera adopts green technology becomes available, solar powered security cameras become more and more popular. As the new product in the market, we may not know much about it. It’s likely you will encounter problems when firstly setup or install the product regardless you’re a professional or a novice. In this article, we share some useful troubleshooting and maintenance tips for solar powered security cameras.

#Why doesn’t the Wi-Fi name appear when I connect to Wi-Fi?

On iOS devices with IOS13 and above, you need to turn on the “location permission” for settings and change it to “allow when using”.

#How far should the device be from the router?

After testing, the Wi-Fi connection distance can normally reach up to 220 meters in the open area. However, the actual situation depends on the strength of Wi-Fi and its surrounding environment (thick walls, electromagnetic devices, large metal objects will all cause interference to the Wi-Fi signals). If the camera connection signal is weak or unstable, please place the camera as close to the router as possible, or trying to use Wi-Fi repeater/booster.

#What’s the longest recording time?

#The camera has three working modes:

The default mode is low power consumption mode. When someone passes by, the camera will automatically start recording for 15 seconds. When the person is in the monitoring range, the camera will keep recording. The built-in battery of the camera #work for 6000 wake-ups, and the solar energy supplements 250 wake-ups per hour. Theoretically, it can be used all the time. The second mode is the adaptive mode; when the battery is above 50%, the camera will record 24 hours, when the power is below 45%, the low-power working mode is turned on. When someone passes by, the camera will automatically start recording for 15 seconds. When the person is in the monitoring range, the camera will keep recording. The third mode is the full-time mode; in this mode, a continuous power supply is required. If there is no power supply, it can only work for 36 hours.

#How to watch the video playback?

Click the video playback button on the homepage of the pull-up control menu, select memory card playback or cloud storage playback.

##Do I need to always connect my mobile devices to any Wi-Fi if I’d like to watch the video?

No, you don’t. You can use WLAN or Cellular data to watch them only if your camera is well connected to your router’s WiFi.

#What will happen when the memory card runs out of space?

The oldest footage will be overwritten by the latest one. Please back up the important video clips timely or delete the unnecessary videos to release more space. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a cloud plan.

#What should I do if the WiFi connection failed?

  • Please make sure your camera is connecting to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, not a 5GHz Wi-Fi.
  • Move the camera and your mobile device closer to your router when connecting.
  • Check if the WiFi password you entered was wrong or if there are special symbols in the password.
  • Make sure the power of your camera is enough and your router did not disconnect power.

#Why does the camera disconnect to Wi-Fi sometimes?

  • Please check the network connection of your mobile device and the router
  • If the camera can’t receive a strong signal, please try to move your router closer to the camera, or use a Wi-Fi extender.
  • Make sure the power of your camera is enough and your router is connected to power

#How many cameras can I connect to the same account?

You can add 50 cameras, but we recommend adding up to 10 devices for a better experience.

#How many accounts can a camera share with?

8 accounts.

#Maintenance tips of solar powered security cameras

The camera adopts advanced low-power technology, if no motion is detected, the camera will enter into sleep mode. After being fully charged, if the camera contains a 20000mAH battery, it can be awakened 8000 times by detecting human movement. If internal battery runs out, the solar panel (replenished power) can be used for 300 wake-ups per hour.

If the cameras is woken up frequently or detects the movement of human body for many times, the power of the camera will be consumed quickly. Charging the camera regularly is recommended. The battery in the camera has 500 charging cycles, the lifespan of the battery can reach up to 10 years.

The recommend operating temperature of the camera is 14°F~122°F (-10°C~50°C). Battery performance may drop at low temperature. At -4°F (-20°C), the battery may drain in short time, or even may not charge, it will work normally as the temperature rises.

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