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Best locations to place home IP security cameras

You feel so excited that you get the IP security camera bought several days ago. Now you must wonder where you should position this camera. Certainly, you can conduct a brief survey, then commencing on installation. However, you may wan to know some useful tips that help you to find the position can really maximum your camera’s performance.

Here, we are discussing the IP camera, simply refers to a digital video camera that has the capability to capture video/data then transmit the data over network for video monitoring purposes. Although today’s IP cameras are very easy to install, the biggest issue is to make sure that your IP cameras are not exposed to online hackers or other people with malicious intentions. As long as it’s hacking-proof, the IP cameras will prove really helpful when it comes to video monitoring.

To let your IP camera work properly, you need to connect it to your router in wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) connection and make sure that it’s positioned correctly. Entry-points such as doors, windows should be protected by the camera. When installing the camera, making sure the camera’s viewing angle can cover these entry-points as many as possible or maximize the monitored area. Herein, we are delighted to share you some useful tips on how to choose the right type of IP security camera, also determine the right places for cameras.

Intending to offer tailored IP video surveillance solution, there are many types of IP security cameras that are available in the market. When installing IP security cameras for your home, you have to determine which one is right suitable for your requirement.

Panoramic cameras

Today, the panoramic cameras as a new form of IP security camera are becoming more and more popular. The panoramic camera whether it’s a fisheye lens type or multi-lens type is able to provide a 360 degree field of view to have your entire room covered. Hence,  they are great for surveillance that needs wide area coverage in one view. Our indoor panoramic camera can support ePTZ function and allow users to experience VR on their smartphones, it especially fits the indoor video surveillance applications. 

360 degree fisheye HD camera

IP PTZ cameras

IP PTZ cameras are mechanical pan/tilt/zoom cameras can automatically rotate according to the preset settings or manually controls by users. The PTZ cameras can provide you a large viewing angle, while retaining the highest image quality as they usually come with motorized zoom lens with 18-33x optical zoom capability. IP PTZ cameras are suitable for outdoor video surveillance applications, can be used to secure places where need to identify car license numbers or people faces.

Fixed cameras

The most widely used type of IP security camera. They relies on a fixed lens to provide a fixed viewing angle, therefore are usually placed in fixed positions. They are the inexpensive cameras can sufficiently have your targeting area secured. However, they are equipped with various types of lenses that have different viewing angle.

Vari-focal/motorized lens camera

Vari-focal lens camera, on the other hand, equipped with vari-focal lens can adjust manually. It provide adjustable viewing angle, for instance, a 2.8-12mm lens camera can provide approximate viewing angle from 79° (wide) to 25° (narrow). Motorized lens camera has a motorized lens that can automatically zoom in/out with auto-focus function. Compare the vari-focal lens camera, the motorized camera is easy to install as it doesn’t need to manual adjust the viewing angle even it’s been relocated.

Find the right place for cameras

If you intend to install the cameras in your house, you will need to determine the areas where the camera should be monitored. In this scenario, the ideal positions could be at the front door, first floor windows, backdoor, backyard or garage. It’s not recommended to position the camera in the areas that you do not feel comfortable being seen by strangers. As there is always a possibility that the cameras may be seen by some unwanted person, something that may expose them to hackers and other people with bad intentions.

If you want to find the best locations for other places (such as grocery store, warehouse, school, hotel, gas station and so on), you can read - How to choose the best location to install security cameras?

Front door

Front door should be secured by a camera as the most burglars usually enter home through the front door.  When installing the camera, making sure you hide the camera and should be concealed from being seen by strangers. There are many types of IP cameras can be used when it comes to having a IP camera covered at the front door.  These options are:

Indoor WiFi camera facing front door

You can install an indoor camera which points at the front door from inside. There are many areas to place the camera include a bookshelf, desk, cupboard shelve, mantel piece, or unused fire place. The good thing about this type of positioning is that the camera can easily and clearly see the face of the person that is approaching the front door. If you use the camera equipped with a wide angle fixed lens, making sure that the camera is not installed too high as it may prevent your camera from capturing a clear view of the intruder’s face. 

Outdoor IP security camera facing front door

You also can install an outdoor IP security camera on the roof top to have your front door covered. Outdoor IP security camera usually supports Infrared night vision and with waterproof, hence they are able to cover a wide and long distance region. Since the camera will need access to power to work, you will need to have an extension cord that connects to a power source.

It should be noted that never let the camera’s lens directly face the sunshine, as it will burn the CMOS image sensor and make your camera become blind.

First floor windows

It’s another place in your home where you should IP security cameras installed. It happens to be the second most entry for burglars. When select the IP security cameras to aim at the glass windows, don’t choose the IP camera with IR capability, if you are mounting an Infrared camera to see through a window, during the day you get a nice sharp picture, but as soon as it gets dark and the IR lights come on, all you see is a bright white glow, as the lights are reflected off the glass!

In this case, you can choose an IP camera doesn’t have Infrared illuminators, yet features good low light performance. At least, select an IR camera that can allow you to manually turn IR off.


Backdoor is also a vital place to have a security camera installed. The back door area is very particularly vulnerable because the front door is easily viewable from the street. Intruders will most likely sneak around the back of the house to break in because they do not like an audience. The best way to install the camera in this area is to position it at the back door from inside.

Backyard/Side Gate

Burglars often enter a home from the backyard or by breaking the side gate.  The backyard is very easy to access or escape from because of the waterways, lane-ways, parks or bush lands that are common in that area. In addition to preventing crooks from stealing expensive lawn & garden machinery, and recreational equipment, you need to make sure that an IP camera is installed to monitor what is happening, as Backyard is also the place where children spent a lot of time. Place a camera at the entry-point, so it performs as a great deterrent to potential intruders. Another useful tips to secure your backyard is installing several motion-sensor floodlights.


Many houses have a garage/basement. Garage/basement is another most vulnerable place because it is not occupied. Since the place usually is filled with expensive items such as cars, motorbikes, pitchforks and shovels, the place should be monitored by an IP camera. The right position to install the camera is the place where the camera can aim at the front garage door.


Using and installing the IP network cameras is a little more complicated than traditional analog cameras since it requires some basic network knowledge. As IP video surveillance technology keeps evolving, today's IP security cameras can also be installed by DIY users, not merely the professional installers. It's the explanation why more and more people turn to DIY installation rather than hiring a professional installer. In addition to above mentioned tips, other factors including the qualified waterproof installation and lightning protection should be stressed. At last, if you want to know some ideas on how to install a security camera system to protect your retail stores (grocery shops, shopping mall), you also can read my previous article - 5 key spots for security cameras to secure retail stores

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