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5 key spots for security cameras to secure retail stores

Video surveillance system becomes the essential equipment when running the retailing business. When installing video surveillance systems, a shop-owner must consider areas beyond the store entrances as there are usually many different places where a thief might be able to gain entrance to the store.  Additionally, no matter you are small, local grocery store, national store chain, or large shopping store, your store is vulnerable to theft especially during holiday shopping season.

The following locations are all prime spots for security cameras:

1# Cash Registers

Inside the retail store, the cash register and cash wrap area is the key spot for video surveillance. It's a vulnerable location for both shoplifting and employee theft. Dishonest employees may steal from the register by avoiding ringing up cash transactions, voiding transactions and gifting merchandise to friends and family or over-ringing sales and pocketing the difference.

So, a high definition video camera comes with a powerful zoom and focus should be deployed to monitor this area. The HD video camera can capture high definition images offer great detail that can deliver visual evidence with recorded video of every employee transaction.

Additionally, shop-owner can install hidden cameras near the register which greatly help catch dishonest employees that steal from the cash register when they think no one is monitoring them.

Cash Register

2# Store Entrances

When thinking about where to place the security camera, it may seem obvious that store entrances are the right location. Commonly, thieves look for unsecured merchandise near the front of the store that they can quickly grab and walk out with. Theft and shoplifting happens at store entrances. 

Nowadays, "Flash mob" theft is becoming more popular. A flash rob, also known as a multiple offender crime or flash mob robbery , is an organized form of theft in which a group of participants enter a retail shop or convenience store en masse and steal goods and other items. Typically, store workers and employees in these cases quickly become overwhelmed by the large number of participants and thus, are unable to stop the theft.

To protect your store entrance, you need to install security cameras aim at store entrances, also you can add additional strategies to deter theft. These strategies include:

  1. Place an employee or security guard near the store entrance.
  2. Install RFID sensors near the entrance.
  3. Don't put expensive or easy-to-grab goods near the entrance of the store.

Securing and monitoring store entrances is definitely essential for shop-owners, and having a visible security camera in place near store entrances is your first line of defense to deter theft and shoplifting. A megapixel network camera or HD analog camera will deliver megapixel high clarity video that provides video evidence and the high level of detail needed for facial identification.

Store Entrance

3# Warehouses and Stockrooms

Warehouses and storage facilities are prime targets for theft. Warehouses spread out over extensive complexes can be challenging to sesure. In fact, employee theft is estimated to cost employers between $20 billion and $40 billion yearly. With the help of a carefully placed security camera, store owners can focus on at-risk areas and minimize the threat of theft.

The first line of defense for reducing employee theft in the warehouse is to install both highly-visible security cameras that offer low light surveillance capabilities along with high-resolutions. Some tips for warehouse security cameras:

  • Place cameras in administrative areas can help reduce theft of company records and petty cash.
  • Place cameras at all entrances and exists, including shipping and receiving areas to record all incoming visitors.
  • Place cameras in open areas like warehouse floors.
Warehouse and Stockrooms

4# Store Perimeters

Monitoring perimeter (exterior of your store) spots is essential for protecting your store and your profits. These spots including front doors and entrances, back doors and exits, windows, packing lots and loading docks. They are prime targets for vandalism and burglary.

To secure and monitor perimeter, you can install vandal-proof dome camera that provide protection from impact and vandals, along with outdoor security cameras support long range night vision. According to crime statistics, thieves are much less likely to target well-lit areas, you may install adequate lighting around the exterior of your building. Store owners can install PIR motion flood light above theft-prone areas to create a strong deterrent.

5# Loading Docks

Loading docks tend to be prime targets for theft, because of the constant flow of merchandise being shipped. Without having adequate surveillance and security, it’s very easy for an employee, delivery driver, or thief to steal merchandise from the loading dock during a scheduled or unscheduled delivery.

Sometimes employees leave loading dock doors open to provide airflow, or simply forget to close them after a delivery, which provides thieves with easy access to enter into the facility and steal goods.

Installing a high quality video security camera that provides around-the-clock monitoring is essential for keeping loading docks and shipping and receiving areas secure. For instance, inside the load-ing docks, the integrator mounted cameras to monitor the loading bay doors. To ensure clear video surveillance footage at night, day/night cameras were installed on the building’s exteriors. A single megapixel camera gives detailed overviews of warehouse exteriors and parking lots. 

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