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Smart IP camera + wireless alarm system - integrated solution

Many security manufacturers are striving to provide users with integrated security solution which includes different security and control systems. The integration between access control system and video surveillance system, as well as alarm system becomes realistic, unfortunately the current integration solution are based hardwired connection which is not suitable for residential users. Residential users are looking for wireless based integration solution, they are craving to find a system can support alarm and video monitoring. 

As we know, false alarm is the common problem for security alarm system. In order to reduce the false alarm rate, users may need to install a separate video surveillance system which allows user to remotely watch live video. Unifore as the pioneer security manufacturer, is delighted to introduce its integration solution which is based on current eRobot smart camera and wireless alarm system.

This article aims to provide you some information on how to achieve a wireless security integration. This solution is able to let wireless alarm system work with smart IP camera. In case a security sensor is triggered, both smart IP camera and alarm panel will set off alarm. Immediately, users will receive push notification and e-mail with snapshots from smart IP cameras, meanwhile alarm panel will set off alarm bell/siren, users receive alarm message (SMS) or auto-dial phone call. 


Not all wireless security systems can work with any IP cameras. To achieve this solution, you need to use our specific products.

  1. Security cameras: eRobot 720p HD IP camera, including models: D1201-A, D1201-B, D1000, D1001.  These models have built-in RF module which can enable camera communicate with wireless security sensors and accessories.
  2. Wireless alarm system: Smart wireless alarm system, including model: G60-Ultimate, X8


Solution 1 (G60-Ultimate): Program same wireless sensors into both alarm system and smart IPC

Because both smart IPC and G60-Ultimate share the same wireless frequency specification, generally wireless security sensors can work with both systems. (e.g. Program wireless door/window sensor into zone 11 of your G60-Ultimate, then program it into eRobot IP cameras through smartphone App operation.

a. Go to [Program&Delete] for programming wireless door/window sensor, program wireless door/window sensor into zone 11~20 Touch "◄►" to choose "Program" , then touch "OK" to confirm, the LCD will display [Programming] Now separate door sensor for two times, the LCD will display [Success], then touch "OK" to save.

Wireless Door/Window Sensor Programming

b. Login your CoT/2CU account, then choose your IP camera, touch [Setting] > [Defence Area] > [Window] > [1] to program your wireless door/window sensor into camera.

Program wireless sensor into smart IP camera

Please note both system should operate with same frequency (433MHz), this solution only is suitable to G60-Ultimate alarm system.

Solution 2 (G60-Ultimate & Wisen): Due to wireless transmission distance limitation, although both systems can work with same wireless security sensors, in real installation, likely the wireless signals from security sensors may not reach both alarm panel and smart IP camera.  In this case, you can program the alarm system into smart IP camera.

Program alarm system into smart IP camera

a. Login your CoT/2CU account in your smartphone, then choose IP camera, touch [Setting] > [Defence Area] > [Other] > [1].  Instantly, the App will pop-up a "Click OK to trigger the wireless sensor to code" window.

b. Right now, touch "FIre/Burglary/Medical" quick buttons on alarm panel more than 2 seconds to trigger emergency alarm.

c. When CoT/2CU App displays "Learning sensor successfully", then it's done.

d. Test the system, you need to arm both alarm panel and smart IPC, then trigger alarm system to test.

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