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QBee Home Automation Gateway

Smart home automation ZigBee Z-Wave Gateway - QBee

Introducing you the ASKEY QBee, which is a home gateway that integrated with ZigBee, Z-Wave, DECT-ULE, Bluetooth and AllJoyn technologies. ASKEY QBee system is based on Android system, user can install any kinds of Apps and access the content you want. Additionally, QBee offers simple, and secure personal cloud solution, store your contents on the built-in hard drive or any USB hard drive that you connect to QBee Gateway. Furthermore, the system can offer a complete home automation solution through utilizing a wide range of ZigBee, Z-Wave devices.

Android media player

QBee, a unique new solution that combines entertainment and home control functionalities in a simple and fun manner was launched on the first day of CES 2015.  Based on Android system allows user to install any favorite App. It has built-in hard drive to store any kinds of data and files, you can directly play the music, video. QBee also has USB interface to work with USB hard drive for storage expansion.

Smart home automation gateway

Different from other gateway, QBee offers smart home automation features, it can support popular home automation technologies such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, DECT-ULE.  User can use the smartphone to access the QBee to control and manage home appliances. User can add a wide range of ZigBee/Z-Wave accessories including door/window sensor, PIR motion sensor, smoke sensor for home security, and home automation devices including smart socket, scenario switch, light controller, thermostat and more devices.

ZigBee Z-Wave DECT-ULE Bluetooth AllJoyn
ZigBee Z-Wave DECT-ULE Bluetooth AllJoyn

Product Highlights

  • Android Media player system for home enternainment and automation
  • Supports multiple protocols include Z-Wave, DECT-ULE, ZigBee, Bluetooth, AllJony, IFTTT
  • Includes QBee gateway, QBee multi-sensor camera, QBee remote controller, Smart electricity outlet
  • QBee gateway - home media player has built-in hard drive, supports USB hard driver and cloud storage
  • QBee multi-sensor camera - detects movement, sound, temperature, humidity, light, allows user to watch HD video remotely, two-way audio intercom to stay connected with your loved one
  • QBee remote controller - allows users to control the system and select the scenario for smart home automation


Askey is a subsidiary of ASUS Computers, the company specializes in the developing and manufacturing of electronics and network products. The company owns a factory park in Suzhou, China. The company's product portfolio includes VDSL2/GPON gateways, cable modems, set-top-boxes, TV servers, wireless routers, and 4G LTE routers.

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