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Swisscom Quing Home Starter Kit

Swisscom Quing Home Starter kit - Home Security

Quing is the top home security brand in Switzerland, it belongs to Swisscom. Quing home starter kit includes all the equipment you need to make your home more comfortable, safer and more efficient. The starter kit includes Quing home panel (touch screen design), remote control, HD camera, window/door sensor, PIR motion sensor, 2 smart plugs, Quing home router. Target to European market, the Quing system supports English, German, French, Italian languages. Users can order this system from Swisscom Quing official website at 660 Euro per set.

Quing Home offers a complete package easy to install and includes all necessary appliances (hardware, quick start guide, online access) for emergency notification, surveillance, home automation and energy management of your home. The Starterkit Quing Home suitable for the basic equipment of a house or an apartment. A full range of additional components are available to extend the system to the individual requirements of our customers. Once you have installed your Home Quing, you can adjust its many functions as needed. At home, use the Home Quing Quing Panel to control your Home. When you are out, you also have the opportunity to access your system through the portal user Quing Home from PC / notebook or by Quing Home app from your phone or tablet.

Notification about events in case of absence

Going on vacation and want to be certain that you will be informed if something unusual is happening in your house when you absence. Here is how Quing Home provides assistance:

  • If you have installed an open door / window sensor on your door, you can set a rule to receive an email or SMS as soon as the door of your house or your apartment opens or closes.
  • If you have also installed a camera, you can also send you a picture with the message so you can see who is in your home.

Quing Touch Screen Panel

Quing touch screen panel is the center of the security system. This unique design panel supports WiFi connection, and has built-in GSM cellular communicator. The WiFi + Cellular design can allow system still work even encounter network disruption. Once system connects to Internet, users can use IE browser and Smartphone App to access, manage and receive alarm anywhere, anytime. Besides, once an alarm is triggered, users will be alerted by SMS, email. Apart from its advanced alarm monitoring, Quing integrates with ZigBee technology to offer home automation.

Quing Touch Screen Panel
Quing Touch Screen Panel

Video Monitoring with Smart Camera

Install one or more cameras for your home during your absence the eye. It is a superior quality camera with night vision function. It can therefore make recordings in the dark. You can view the live image via the Quing Home Panel, the user portal or app Quing Home. Or schedule a rule (eg. "Take a picture when the door sensor is triggered") for photos or videos to be sent by email.

ZigBee Smart Socket/Plug

- Remote controllable socket allows you to control electrical appliances in your home where you are. You can turn on and off all devices with controllable shot remotely through the Quing Home Panel, User Portal Home or Quing Quing Home app on your smartphone / tablet. In addition, you can define rules to automatically turn on and off appliances, for example to simulate presence when you are not at home.

Alarm Monitoring with intrusion sensors

Install PIR motion sensor to protect large space in your room. The included PIR motion sensor can offer 12x12 meters at 90 °space, this sensor is powered by battery which has battery life of up to 3 years. Additionally, it supports pet immune function, pets' weight below 38 kg will not trigger alarm, which in turn, greatly reduces the false alarm rate.

The door and window sensor (reed switch) responsive to the opening or closing of a door or a window. The sensor sends a message to Quing Home Panel and your portal user. If you define the rule, you will be notified via email or SMS. If a person not authorized to do so breaks into your home, you will be informed immediately.

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