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WiFi Home Camera Alarm System

Protect your home with WiFi IP camera system

Have you realized that camera can do many tasks other than video monitoring? As a pioneer in China's security industry, Unifore is well-known for its advanced technologies in developing cutting edge products including alarm panel and HD cameras over IP. Today, we are going to introduce you how to setup a complete security system to your home, merely utilizing our latest product eRobot D1201-A/B.

We have been alarm and video surveillance industry for almost five years, we quite understand that the integration between alarm detection and HD video monitoring become the new trend. Unifore has noticed the growth of the global smart home market and the prevalent needs for HD IP surveillance, Unifore recently released a series of WiFi enabled smart IP cameras. In summary, different from other HD IP camera, eRobot D1201-A/B works with wireless security sensors. It can provide you reliable burglary, fire, gas leak, flood detection for your home and small business.

A complete Wireless Alarm system

eRobot D1201-A/B has built-in RF transmitter and receiver. The camera works with up to 64 wireless security sensors (contains 8 zones). User can enroll different kinds of security sensors to eRobot camera. For basic home security, Unifore offers wireless door/window sensor, wireless PIR motion sensor to work with this smart camera. Additionally, we provide smoke sensor and flood sensor to allow camera to detect fire, flood. User can expand the system according to your specific security requirements or installation environment. Security sensors and eRobot camera communicate each other through RF wireless signal in 433MHz frequency band, which is an universal authorized frequency band for short distance RF communication across different countries around the world.

Camera alarm - intrusion, fire, CO, flood

To protect your home/business, you can choose to use:

  • Door/WIndow Sensor (Reed Switch): Powered by battery, ideal to detect close/open status of any windows/doors. The most reliable security sensor for perimeter and intrusion protection. Come with 3M tap for hassle free installation.
  • PIR Motion Sensor: Passive infrared enabled security sensor, providing up to 110 degree viewing angle, ideal to protect interior space. High sensitivity, exclusively detect human movement.
  • Smoke/Heat Sensor: Photoelectric smoke sensor, ideal to detect smoke generated by fire, itself has buzzer and LED to alert people. Heat sensor is ideal to detect rapid temperature rising caused by smoldering fire.
  • Flood Sensor: Put it on the floor of basement, once water leak into basement, sensor will triggered.

How smart camera system works?

Once sensor has been triggered by abnormal event, eRobot camera will receive alarm signal. Meanwhile, the camera will start yelling to deterrent intruder, additionally send push notifications instantly to maximum 3 smartphone users. Moreover, you will receive emails with snapshots. As long as you have been notified with alert, you can watch live video immediately to check what happen in your home or office. Compared with traditional alarm system, this system can provide you video verification feature which can greatly reduce the false alarm. Plus, no monitoring contract, no monthly monitoring fee.

720p HD surveillance, plug-and-play

eRobot D1201-A/B adopts 1.0 megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor which is able to produce sharp video footage at 1280x720p/30fps, it utilizes H.264 video compression to deliver smooth video with narrow bandwidth. The camera has built-in MicroSD card slot design to support local video recording (up to 128GB). Additionally, the camera furnished with two high-power infrared lamps, they can illuminate up to 5 - 10 meters distance at night or when working in low illumination environment. eRobot D1201-A/B can provide you 24 hours HD video monitoring.

eRobot Camera CMS Software

By the way, all eRobot cameras can be easily connected to your home router through wired network connection or WiFi. The camera adopts top-notch peer to peer technology, which can allow it to connect with internet, no port forwarding, no DDNS. It's a true plug-and-play camera for DIY users.

Multi-functional Smart IP Camera

The eRobot D1201-A/B feature video motion detection, two-way talk with built-in microphone and speaker. It comes with free smartphone App (2CU) which is available in both Android (Googleplay) market and iTunes (iOS). 2CU smartphone App can allow user to watch live video, Arm/Disarm the eRobot system, config the camera via smartphone. Additionally, Unifore offers CMS Client Software, which enable user to manage multiple eRobot cameras over PC.

D1000, D1100, D1001, D1201-A/B/C models support ONVIF open standard. They can be integrated into professional network video surveillance system, therefore to be connected with other devices and software including NVR, NAS, ONVIF Viewer/Client.

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