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Smart Alarm + IP Camera

No contract/monitoring fee alarm system with HD WiFi Camera

No monitoring contract, no monthly monitoring fee. eRobot smart alarm system is ideal security system for your home or business. The system can not only provide you basic intrusion detection and protection, but also allows you watch the live video remotely. You can directly receive the alarm and handle the alarm, no monitoring fee required. Plus with video enables user to watch live video to verify the alarm, it can effectively protect your home, while with lowest false alarm rate. 


Check above photo, the eRobot IP camera system consists of one smart IP camera, which supports 720p HD video monitoring, but also works as an alarm panel to communicate with sensors; security sensors and accessories including wireless PIR motion sensor and wireless door/window sensor, remote keyfob. This is a standard security kit for your home or business, user can expand the system according to your specific requirement/needs.  It works with up to 64 different types of security sensors including intrusion, fire, environment sensors.

1# What it does?

Different from traditional IP camera or wireless alarm system, eRobot is the perfect combination of video surveillance and alarm detection into one unit. When you use and install eRobot you can:

  1. Watch 1280x720p HD live video from anywhere at anytime.
  2. HD video & audio recording/playback
  3. Talk and hear with your family members, 2-way audio intercom.
  4. Remote arm/disarm the system through Smartphone App or remote keyfob.
  5. Receiving alert, once camera detects movement.
  6. Receiving alert, once security sensor is triggered.
  7. Instantly get the alarm alert by Push Notification, Email with snapshots.
  8. Integrated into other security platforms with Onvif protocol.
The ideal security system for home!

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2# Smart Home Alarm System

Working with security detectors to provide you a complete burglary detection solution. Instead of using telephone line and GSM cellular network for alarm transmission. This system adopts TCP/IP protocol. The eRobot IP camera can connect to network through either wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. Once the security detector is breached, alarm will be setoff, a loud sounder will make warning sound to deterrent intruders, meanwhile it can send push notifications and email with snapshots up to three users. The alarm goes to you directly, no need to subscribe monitoring service.

Smart IP camera Alarm System - eRobot

3# A Complete Security System

No need to install two different systems. eRobot security kit provides you one kit with video surveillance plus alarm detection integration. Most importantly, the security sensors communicate with eRobot smart camera wirelessly, no hardwired connection, and no cables requirement to install this system. Unifore offers you a wide range of security sensors including basic wireless door/window sensor (reed switch), wireless PIR motion sensor, wireless smoke sensor, gas leak sensor, flood sensor. Yes, it's a full functional wireless alarm system to your home or shop.

4# Advanced HD IP Camera

You will be impressed by its high image quality. Actually, we have sold more than 10 thousands sets of this system already, we are pride to let you know that 99% of our customers are satisfied its image quality. Why eRobot can deliver high quality image? eRobot utilizes megapixel progressive scan image sensor which can deliver very clear images with approximate 1280x720p resolution. Additionally, it's based on Hisilicon H.264 video compression to provide you smooth video stream without image quality loss. Keep in mind that this is not normal IP camera, it supports remote pan/tilt rotation. Just swipe on video, you can rotate the camera with horizontal angel 355 degree, vertical angle 120 degree. The remote pan/tilt can allow you to monitor the entire room with a single camera installed.

Furthermore, it supports Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet connection. Embedded with P2P protocol, it supports plug-and-play installation. Simply plug the camera to your router, you are able to see the video on your smartphone. No need to manually config DDNS and port forwarding. The installation is straightforward. That's the reason why Do-it-yourself users are happy to use eRobot.

It's an IP camera, no wonder it supports video motion detection, local video recording/storage up to 128G (yes, 128G, we confirmed). It comes with free smartphone App (which is called 2CU, available in Google play and iTunes store), every configurations can be done through this App. Additionally, you can access the achieved video footage in your smartphone. By the way, smartphone App allows you to manage more than one eRobot IP camera system.

IP Camera Alert on Smartphone

5# Easy to install DIY Alarm System

Firstly, eRobot camera (alarm hub) can connect to Internet through Wi-Fi wireless connection. Secondly, each of security sensors are powered by regular AA battery, transmit alarm signal through 433MHz wireless signal (Comply with USA, EU Radio Frequency Regulations). The camera can sit on anywhere, for instance book shelf, door/window sensor comes with 3M adhesive tape. In conclusion, you can install the system even without drilling holes in your room. Certainly, you also can mount the camera on the ceiling of your room/passage with its included swivel bracket. It has built-in gravity sensor, image can automatically flip up/down.


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