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Solar-powered IR beam detector installation

Perimeter protection: solar-powered wireless infrared wall/detectors

When it comes to home security, perimeter protection should be more important than interior rooms. Generally, we install fence around the perimeter or backyard area as the perimeter protection & security measure. Moreover, some smart guys may install PIR-motion sensor floodlights to add additional security to the premises. However, some people may ask how to prevent people from climbing the fence? Philips suggests barbed wire or prickly pear cactus beds inside the perimeter, but Janelle Archuleta doesn’t like barbed wire, because she doesn’t want their yard looking all harsh and prison like with barbed wire.

What’s our solution? Herein we recommend you to use the solar-powered wireless infrared beam detectors. A pair of solar-powered wireless infrared beam detector consists of one IR transmitter and IR receiver, invisible beams will be formed between them. The distance between them can reach up to 100 meters, that’s sufficient to guard one side of your perimeter.

As we mentioned, the it’s a solar-powered detector can be completely wireless, that means installation is straightforward, no any cables, no any connection. However, since it’s just a detector, you have to use a set of wireless alarm panel which can receive signals from the detector and transmit alarm out once the alarm occurs. If you have any doubles, Figure 1 is the typical installation for the solar-powered IR beam detector.

Solar Powered Infrared Beam Detector Installation
Figure 1

Not just perfect for perimeter protection, this kind of detector also can be integrated with other security systems (e.g. access control, intrusion alarm, CCTV surveillance, Home automation) to achieve boundary detection, driveway detection, interior motion detection, and more applications.

Solar-Powered Multi-beam Active Wireless Infrared Light Walls
Solar-powered Multi-Beam IR Detector

Unifore VSL-100 is a solar-powered multi-beam detector adopts IP66 rated weatherproof design, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The product comes with free wall-mountable and stand-mountable brackets for easy installation. We also can provide stainless steel stand as the Figure 1 shows.

Solar-Powered Multi-beam Active Wireless Infrared Light Walls
Solar-powered Multi-Beam IR Detector

Both IR transmitter and receiver have large area solar panel to provide sufficient recharging current to the detectors.

Solar-Powered Multi-beam Active Wireless Infrared Light Walls
Solar-powered Multi-Beam IR Detector

Waterproof power ON/OFF switch design, the detector can be easily paired to the wireless alarm panel. When the alarm panel enters pairing status, simply press the power button to turn on the IR receiver, the receiver will emit signals out three times for sensor pairing.

Solar-Powered Multi-beam Active Wireless Infrared Light Walls
Power ON/OFF button

In case the detector can't be fully recharged, both transmitter and receiver have a power connector design. Removing the red button on the detector, you can find a DC jack which has been designed to allow direct recharging by a 12V DC power supply.

Solar-Powered Multi-beam Active Wireless Infrared Light Walls
Recharge 12V DC Jack

The detectors adopts three beam detection mechanism, the detector will set alarm off only when three beam has been interrupted simultaneously. Greatly reduce the false alarm caused by dropping leaves, tree branches, small animals etc, also including a LED indicator to show its working status.

Solar-Powered Multi-beam Active Wireless Infrared Light Walls
Triple beam design to avoid false alarm

Let's unscrew the IR receiver to take a look at its internal design. The inside design includes a recharging, a IR receivers, also a controlling three PCB boards. There is a very long antenna design which helps to transmit wireless signal out.

Solar-Powered Multi-beam Active Wireless Infrared Light Walls
Detector internal design

Someone may ask what if the beam detector works at night or gloomy weather without much sunshine? In order to solve this problem, this beam detector has a LiFePO4 rechargeable battery built-in, comparing with conventional Lithium-ion batteries, the LiFePO4 battery can offer longer lifetimes and better power density (the rate that energy can be drawn from them) etc advantages, LiFePO4 batteries have been widely used in solar garden and security light systems.

LiFePO4 rechargeable battery
LiFePO4 rechargeable battery

Removing all screws, turn the PCB board up, you can see what the circuit design is.

Solar Beam Detector Circuit Design
PCB Board & Circuit Design

That's all, if you are interested in this solution, please don't hesitate to contact us. This solar-powered wireless beam detector can work with our wireless alarm and eRobot camera systems. If you don't like the solar-powered solution, we also can provide you the conventional IR beam detectors which offer lower cost perimeter protection solution.

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