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WiFi Alarm System - Wisen

My home has installed a WiFi alarm system - Wisen

When consumers consider the security & protection, there are many types of products and enormous brands to choose. Intrusion alarm system, home automation system, security camera system are three major types of security & protection equipment that can perfectly cater your needs. However, intrusion alarm system is the best choice when we consider a system that saves your time and money.

Here we recommend you the Wisen, which is a smart wireless alarm system. People likes this system because it supports WiFi. Additionally, it also has a GSM communicator built-in. WiFi + GSM design enables the system to continue working even Internet is out of service or electricity is cut.

Setup and installation is straightforward, download/install, then register an account, users can complete the installation within 10 minutes. By leveraging the latest "SmartLink" technology, users can use the App to setup the WiFi connection quickly. Apparently, it doesn't have a keypad design (however, we can provide you an independent wireless RFID touch keypad to arm/disarm the system remotely), users use the App to setup the system. Modern, sleek, smart, Wisen alarm system can be simply put on the desk or wall-mounted in your kitchen.

Wall-mount installation (WiFi Alarm Panel)

Consumers are fed up with the sophisticated operation and configuration, Wisen keeps the design simple. Its alarm panel has a "SOS" button, which is designed to summon aid in an emergency. The big ring can make three different colors to show the status of the alarm panel. If the alarm is triggered, the ring will turn to Red and keeps flashing. No WiFi connection or Internet is disrupted, the ring will turn to white. 

Wisen - WiFi + GSM Alarm Panel

On its rear panel, you can find a SIM card slot. The system also can work without the SIM card, however the GSM function will not work. Once an valid SIM has been inserted to the system, the system can send text message (SMS) or make audio phone call once an alarm occurs. Wisen is a hybrid alarm system that including 30 wireless zones and 4 hardwired zones, if you think "Wireless" is not adequate to protect your premises, you can use the hardwired detectors. 

Wisen GSM + WiFi Alarm Panel

PIR motion sensor is the ideal security detector to protect your interior rooms. PIR can sense the infrared level of the guarding area, once people enters into the protection zone, the detector will emit an alarm signal to the alarm panel. This PIR motion sensor is a wide angle type PIR that offering 110 degree and maximum 12 meters detection range. 

Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

This is another Wireless PIR motion sensor installed in the bedroom. The Wisen alarm supports three different defense groups interior, perimeter, emergency. Usually PIR detectors are assigned to the interior defense group, the perimeter detectors will be assigned to the perimeter group. Smoke detector, heat detector etc emergency detects will be assigned to the emergency defense group. Hence, Family members keep moving inside the rooms will not trigger the alarm when the system is set to Home Arm mode.

Wisen Wireless PIR Motion Detector

Apparently, a security adviser will recommend you to conduct a survey in your house before deciding on what kind of alarm system you will need. Pretending to be the intruder and find the entry-points where are vulnerable. The door and window should be protected with the wireless magnetic contact. However, some special areas may require using a magnetic contact or other types of detector. E.g. you can install a magnetic contact in the wardrobe where has your jewelry and other luxury items. A vibration sensor can be packed with the cash together or put it into the cash bag. 

Magnetic Contact installed in wardroble

Wisen standard pack includes a wireless doorbell. Install this doorbell to your front door, once you have a visitor, you will be notified by "Dingdong" sound that made by the Wisen alarm panel, meanwhile receiving push notification alert in your smartphone. 

Wisen Wireless Doorbell

Generally, I use the remote control to arm/disarm the system. Additionally, users can use the "Wisen" App to remotely arm/disarm the system anywhere, anytime. It's super convenient. 

Wisren Remote Control

In summary, the Wisen alarm system is really an inexpensive wireless alarm system. In addition to above mentioned functions, it also can support automatically arm/disarm according to the schedule. This function is very useful to those people want to install the system to protect their garage, warehouse, office, grocery store, office and more places. The Wisen alarm system relies on P2P connection to communicate with the global cluster servers, it's based on IoT platform, users can control the system, and receive the push notification instantly as long as the App is installed in your smartphone (need to login the account, running the App is not necessary to receive the push notification alert).

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