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ZigBee RF4CE

What's RF4CE?

RF4CE is a new generation remote control standard and protocol, RF4CE is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics.

Intended to market the Radio Frequency remote control technology for home appliances, while avoiding the new technology's introduction to limit electronics design, in 2008, the notable consumer electronics manufacturers Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Samsung, as well as ultra low power RFIC chip manufacturers Freescale, TI, OKI established RF4CE (Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics) Alliance (also called RF4CE Consortium).

In March 2009, RF4CE Alliance reached the agreement with ZigBee Alliance to develop ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4, meanwhile it becomes the new standard for RF remote control of home appliances. Since then, the RF remote control finally expected to replace the traditional infrared (IR) technology.

Compared with traditional IR remote control, RF4CE not only can improve the reliability of operations; but also improve signal transmission distance and interference immunity; RF signal can pass barriers; supports two-way communication and resolve interoperability issues of different appliances, the battery life of remote control can be significantly extended. Consumers will not longer need to use the IR remote control point to appliances, also can use one RF remote control to control many different home appliances.

ZigBee Characteristics

ZigBee is one of famous technologies to make your home appliances connected. Today, the cable companies have taken the first step of providing ZigBee networks in the majority of new set-top boxes which creates a thriving industry of ZigBee add-on devices for the home - making it easy for installers, system integrator, and home do-it-yourself consumers to install a wide range of ZigBee devices onto the cable companies’ ZigBee backbone within the home.

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