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Hisilicon SoC

Yoosee Starlight 2MP P/T Wi-Fi Camera Hi3518EV200 SC2235

Yoosee has successfully launched a smart pan/tilt Wi-Fi camera solution which is based the Hisilicon Hi3518EV200 + SmartSens SC2235 CMOS image sensor design, it’s the first consumer Wi-Fi camera solution that utilizing Huawei LiteOS that features fast boot up within 1s, capturing image within 3s, very lower bitrate can offer smooth video streaming experience on app and software. It also adopts new 40nm architecture, the power consumption is 35% lower than its predecessor Hi3518E V100, lower power consumption means lower operating temperature, hence can provide more stable performance.

What’s Huawei LiteOS?

On May, 2015 - Huawei released its first Internet of Things (IoT) Lite OS in its HNC2015 summit, also announced this "the most lightweight IoT system in the world" open source. Lite OS is 10KB lightweight OS, equipped with config, self-network, cross platform capabilities, it is also ultra low power consumption, can be widely used in smart home, wearable, smart car and industry etc fields, Lite OS makes development of smart hardware become much easier, accelerate the goal for all things being connected. In terms of security, Lite OS includes security components to secure the communication between security sensors and system.

1080P Resolution Video with Starlight Vision

Hisilicon Hi3518E V200 is a new camera processor has an enhanced image signal unit built-in can deliver high clarity and lower bitrate video stream. The SC2235 is a 2-megapixel resolution starlight CMOS image sensor from SmartSens. This sensor features high signal/noise ratio can greatly reduce image noise to make captured image more clean and crystal, owns high sensitivity can improve night vision capability, enables Wi-Fi camera to capture color image under low lighting condition.

Camera Night Demo with SC2235 Sensor
Camera Night Demo with SC2235 Sensor

940nm IR, Smart Home Capabilities

Unlike traditional Wi-Fi cameras, the new camera adopts 940nm wavelength IR as its illuminators. Compared with existing 850nm wavelength IR illuminators, the IR LEDs in new cameras operate at a 940nm wavelength and DO NOT emit a red glow. Furthermore, the new solution has integrated with 3D noise reduction, can connect with smart home sensors and accessories seamlessly, support 2-way audio intercom. Now the new camera solution is available, and mass production is expected in Q4, 2017. 

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