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  • IP Camera: SmartSens CMOS Image Sensors

    CMOS Image Sensor

    Just several months ago, Sony halted CMOS image sensor production several times due to a series of earthquake in Kumamoto Japan, this caused the shortage of Sony CMOS image sensor in the market.  Furthermore, CNY keeps depreciating since last year, people realized the currency has entered into depreciation phase.  Instead of importing CMOS image sensors from abroad, many Chinese manufacturers has already decided to use image sensors from domestic brands.

  • SmartSens unveiled SC2235, SC1235, SC1245 CMOS sensors


    SmartSens, the emerging CMOS image sensor producer recently unveiled three new CMOS image sensors based on its own SmartPixel technology which featuring lower power consumption and excellent low light sensitivity. These image sensors will be used in HD analog cameras, car cameras, HD IP cameras.

  • Starlight IP Camera Solution Hi3518E + SC1070

    Starlight Video Surveillance

    Introducing the lastest IP camera solution which based on Hisilicon Hi3518EV200 processor + Smartsens SC1070 image sensor design. This new solution not only can enable the camera to capture 1280x720 crisp image HD video at 25 frames per second, but also featuring high light sensitivity, owing to utilizing the new generation 1/2” progressive scan SC1070 CMOS image sensor from SmartSens.

  • Yoosee Starlight 2MP P/T Wi-Fi Camera Hi3518EV200 SC2235

    Hisilicon SoC

    Yoosee has successfully launched a smart pan/tilt Wi-Fi camera solution which is based the Hisilicon Hi3518EV200 + SmartSens SC2235 CMOS image sensor design, it’s the first consumer Wi-Fi camera solution that utilizing Huawei LiteOS that features fast boot up within 1s, capturing image within 3s, very lower bitrate can offer smooth video streaming experience on app and software. It also adopts new 40nm architecture, the power consumption is 35% lower than its predecessor Hi3518E V100, lower power consumption means lower operating temperature, hence can provide more stable performance.

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