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SmartSens unveiled SC2235, SC1235, SC1245 CMOS sensors

SmartSens, the emerging CMOS image sensor producer recently unveiled three new CMOS image sensors based on its own SmartPixel technology which featuring lower power consumption and excellent low light sensitivity. These image sensors will be used in HD analog cameras, car cameras, HD IP cameras.

High SNR

Break traditional noise reduction technology adopting advanced reading circuit architecture, can greatly reduce fixed noise, separate the image noise and amplified noise, therefore improve image SNR, SmartPixel makes image more clean and crystal.

High Sensitivity

Utilizing new sensor’s pixel structure to improve the light sensitivity, improving the light to electric conversion efficiency for the light wavelength 850nm ~ 940nm. Integrating with 940nm light sources can provide no color pollution night vision image.

Low Power

Advanced reading circuit architecture, efficient power management and clock gating technology can reduce 40% power consumption if comparing with existing sensors.

SmartSens SmartPixel CMOS Sensors

Product type Model Status Resolution Sensor Size Pixel Size Frame rate
Digital SC2235 Production 2MP (1936H×1096V) 1/2.7” 3um*3um 50FPS
Digital SC1235 Production 1.3MP (1288Hx968V) 1/3” 3um*3um 60
Digital SC1245 Production 720P (1288Hx728V) 1/4” 6um*6um 60


Go through several year’s accumulation, this time we launched SmartPixel architecture, it represents SmartSens has reached a new milestone in CMOS image sensor technology, this also means the uprising of national brand in CMOS manufacturing field. In the future, we will keep innovating and providing world first class products which can be applied in video surveillance, industrial cameras, car camera and consumer electronics fields.

— Chris Yiu - SmartSens Senior Marketing Manager

SmartSens SmartPixel FeatureSmartSens SmartPixel Feature

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