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Huawei H.265 IP Cameras

Huawei Heimdallr Series H.265 IP Cameras Won iF Design Award 2016

Beijing, China, the global leading telecommunication solution provider - Huawei, is pleased to announce that Huawei Heimdallr Series H.265 IP Cameras won the iF Design Award 2016, this is the first time for Huawei to be a recipient of iF Design Award. iF design award is known as the "Oscar of design" which means Huawei H.265 technology has reached a leading level.

iF Design Award is a globally prestigious design award sponsored by iF International Forum Design GmbH since 1953. iF Design Award consists of several disciplines such as product, communication and packaging design. This year, 5,295 entries from 53 countries were evaluated, with the various awards being presented to a total of 1,821 products. In the 1,821 products, the 75 products win the iF Gold Award.

Huawei H.265 series IP cameras stand out among the thousands of candidate products, and win the iF Design Award, is the result of pursuit of excellence. As the reviews given by judges: Huawei H.265 IP cameras keep consistent design of Huawei legacy, sleek and elegant.

"Compared to H.264 network cameras, H.265 network cameras can save more bandwidth and storage, when in the same image quality. Such technological breakthrough in the design must be simple and elegant, products are lightweight, easy to install, better meet customer demand; in addition, the camera owns excellent heat dissipation design, solved the overheat problem, ensures reliability and durability when the camera operates around the clock." said Gao Xing, product designer at Huawei.

Since the product launch, Huawei H.265 network cameras have been received high recognition and popularity from the market, this must thank to three main benefits that Huawei H.265 IP cameras can deliver. First, H.265 network cameras are based on self-developed (Hisilicon) chips and software algorithms, with unique advantages in image quality optimization, by employing H.265 compression technology, these cameras can reduce both bandwidth and storage consumption by up to 75% while retaining the highest standards in image quality. Last, by using the patented self-adaptive bandwidth and bit rate stream smoothing technologies, Huawei Heimdallr Series H.265 IP Cameras can achieve Full HD video streaming in low bandwidth condition.

About Huawei

Huawei specializes in the research and development (R&D), production and marketing of telecommunications equipment, providing customized network solutions for telecom carriers in fixed, mobile, optical network and data communications network. Sales in 2002 were 2.7 billion US dollars. Huawei products have been put into wide applications in over 40 countries including Germany, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Thailand, Singapore and South Korea. Among Huawei's 22,000 employees, 46 percent are engaged in R&D. Each year Huawei invests no less than 10 percent of its revenues into R&D.

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