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2017 Top DIY Security System Manufacturers in China

Are Chinese manufacturers still have the comparative advantages in global trading? The world leading trustworthy financial news media Bloomberg recently released an article titled - “China’s factories don’t fear trump”,  China's factories now compete less on cheap labor and more on advanced technology. China has top-notch infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and factories that thrive on process innovation, the elaborated Bloomberg’s analysts.

Global trading not only helps to increase the size of market pie, but also makes people better off and can improve the living standard. Though the domestic producers may worse off as they suffer the fierce competition from foreign companies, but the buyers are better off as they are able to buy cheaper products – this is a economic principle that has been a broad consensus shared by many economists.

Now we are in 2017, if you still want to import the cheaper but high quality made-in-china security products, you probably find this article is useful. In this article, we list the top 10 well-known Chinese manufacturers in DIY security market, we hope this list can help you to find your desired partner by narrowing down the options.


According to recent App market share report in security industry, Yoosee and other replicas rank the top 4 most installed App in Chinese market. As the cost of cameras lower than its rivals, Yoosee is also very popular in global market. Yoosee is a camera App that linking your camera to your smartphone. It relies on global cluster servers to establish the communication by utilizing the P2P technology. As the WiFi/network configuration is the main obstacle faced when spreading the usage of network cameras, it has been resolved by P2P technology.

Yoosee App is released and maintained by Gwell team (no more than 20 employees),  but backed by up to fifty camera manufacturers in China. As the team keeps releasing new features and updating camera’s firmware frequently, Yoosee cameras are welcomed by global users who wish to buy a cheap DIY security products without compromising the image quality. Currently, there are many types of security products use this App, including indoor WiFi cube cameras, indoor WiFI P/T cameras, indoor WiFi panoramic VR camera, outdoor WiFi bullet cameras, WiFI doorbells, 4CH/8CH WiFi NVR kits.

Yoosee WiFi Video Doorbell
Yoosee WiFi Video Camera Doorbell


Jooan once was a small trading company but soon the company seized the opportunity and established online stores in taobao, adopt selling products at the price much cheaper than average strategy, soon it has grew to be the popular Internet brand in Chinese domestic market.  The condition of Chinese market is quite similar to Indian, due to the wide wealth inequality, many exported products are not affordable to mass people. By offering extreme lower price or even free products has been the most useful strategy to expand the business in the initial stage to the vendors.

After the company sold hundreds of product daily in eCommerce platforms, the company started to assemble products by its own. The company’s product including very cheaper AHD analog camera, AHD DVRs, DVR kits, WiFi cameras (based on Yoosee), NVR kits and camera accessories. As concentrating on low-end market, the company less focus on product’s R&D. Jooan products share the exact same features with other competitors.

Jooan Low-cost 720p WiFi Cameras
Jooan Low-cost 720p WiFi Cameras


As the video surveillance contributes up to 70% of total market share in security market, there are thousands of suppliers available to allow customers to choose. But the condition of intrusion alarm industry sector is quite different. For instance, we only have less than 10 good intrusion alarm manufacturers in China. For those who looking for high quality commercial alarm systems, we recommend Meian since they used to concentrated in product’s R&D.

Headquartered in Shezhen, Shenzhen Meian Technology (FOCUS, iAlarm, P&E registered brands) is a medium scale factory mainly dealing with intrusion alarm systems. The company specializes in producing hard-wired alarm systems, DIY alarm systems, and various security detectors. The company has many partners/distributors in European countries, therefore customer can buy their products easily. 

Meian Focus GSM/GPRS Alarm Panel
Meian Focus GSM/GPRS Alarm Panel


Many enthusiasts know and like FOSCAM. It once ranked the top DIY brand in security camera sector. However, recently it has stopped the cooperation with its major US distributor which contributes a lot in both sales and the support. Consequently, the former US distributor created Amcrest to compete with FOSCAM, while FOSCAM received an investment from a Chinese venture capital company.

We also recommend FOSCAM cameras, especially if you want to fully control your camera. Different from other brands, FOSCAM products support configuration through web interface, it offers CGI script to allow DIY enthusiasts to dig its full potential. Hence FOSCAM products are quite suitable for IT professionals, DIYers. Conversely, FOSCAM cameras are complicated to regular users. Setup and use the FOSCAM cameras are not very easy, therefore many users have to rely on its web forum to get the technical support once they encounter any problems. By the way, online forums are a great tool to provide user-friendly technical support, also can allow different users to discuss the topics and help each other.


Chuango is a Fuzhou company, the company has an assemble factory in Donguan (near to Shenzhen, but property price and labor cost is lower than SZ). The company has successfully converted it from an unknown brand to become widely recognized brand especially in EU market. Launching GSM alarm system with integration of smartphone App is the key to help the company to succeed. Thereafter, the company expanded its business by creating a separate brand – Smanos, which offers some elegant looks (have the same/similar features as Chuango) alarm products to EU customers exclusively.

Chuango has a complete alarm product portfolio including GSM alarm system, conventional alarm systems (use telephone-line/PSTN), WiFi alarm system, WiFi cameras and various security detectors. 

Despite the sleek product design, the company mainly focus on the integration between the alarms and App. Though the cost of their products is much higher than average, Chuango is a good option to high-end users.


Although Xiongmai’s products such as IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs prevail in security market, not many users know the Xiongmai. After they decided to not hide behind the scenes from end-users, they established its subsidiary brand - JUFENG,  as a result more and more users get acquaintance with Hangzhou XiongMai.

Rumors mentioned that XiongMai was established by a group of resigned engineers from Dahua. The company entered into the market by offering intermediate goods for instance IP camera modules based on Texas Instrument’s Davinci and Hisilicon, as well as Grain Media SoCs, Hisilicon DVRs and NVRs.


XiaoMi is known by offering the Android smartphone with its MI UI. Today, Xiaomi’s business scope is no longer limited to Smartphone, smart TV,  smart wearables, the company keeps expanding its business into home automation and security industry. The company offers low-cost Mi WiFi cameras, home automation system based on ZigBee technology.


Dahua is the leading brand in commercial video surveillance market. No wonder Dahua products rank the top brand in bidding the professional video surveillance projects that are backed financially by Chinese government. However, after Dahua’s management team realized the importance of civilian market, they decided to launched LECHANG consumer brand. 

As a conglomerate, it’s difficult to shit its focus to new direction though the sales from government orders seem to be stagnated. Consequently LECHANG brand is still unavailable to foreign users. However, the company has released several consume WiFi cameras under Dahua brand. If you are fan of Dahua products, you should be happy as you now have many choices.

Dahua Lechang 1080P Babymonitor S2LM + IMX323
1080P Babymonitor based on Ambarella S2LM + Sony IMX323 solution is selling in Lechang shop


Based on the recent statistics, Hikvision (including萤石/EZVIZ) ranks the most popular downloaded App in Chinese market.  In addition to relying on distribution channel (which consisting of hundreds of authorized distributors around the world) to provide their products to consumers. Now they setup their own online shops, regular consumers (especially to Chinese) can purchase Hikvision consumer products (security camera, sports camera, DVR, NVR, video doorphone, fingerprint bio-metric locks) shipped directly from Hikvision.

Hikvision Fingerprint Biometric Doorlock
Hikvision Fingerprint Doorlock

Have your favorable Chinese brands had been listed? If not, please comment below to recommend it to us, we may add your suggestion to this list, at least to complete this list - top 10 best DIY security brands in China.

Obviously, we are not in the top rank, as we heavily focus on foreign market. The founder of Unifore quit his job to establish his company, he once was a technician and sales manager worked in a security company which firstly introduced & produced the GSM based intruder alarm systems into market. As the leader, he knows how to accommodate the market demands with right security products hence successfully launched a few very popular DIY alarm systems with App's integration, we also have launched WiFi alarm system based on IoT platform. Similarly, we not merely concentrate on the sector of intrusion alarm, we successfully launched cost-effective WiFi cameras based on the popular Yoosee platform.

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