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Dialog Semiconductor SC14SPNODE DECT ULE Module

Dialog Semiconductor introduced SC14SPNODE DECT ULE module for smart home automation application which is based on latest DECT ULE standard. The SC14SPNODE, is called SmartPulse module supports on-board low power consumption applications. Being compliant with DECT ULE standard to setup wireless linkage between different security sensors. The SC14SPNODE based security sensors can provide up to 10 years life expectancy on just a single AA battery pack.

Dialog can provide seamless development software packages to facilitate interconnection between sensors and DECT ULE hub/gateway. The SC14SPNODE is both ETSI and FCC certified to enable the creation of a worldwide eco-system solution for home automation, energy control and security (HAECS) and healthcare monitoring for consumer markets.

Additionally, SC14SPNODE is an ultra low power consumption, high efficiency interconnection module, it offers 100 - 300 meters long range Wi-Fi coverage, make it the ideal choice when developing wireless connected applications for home automation, industrial automation, wireless security, healthcare. The Dialog module I/O includes: Power supply pins, ADC ports, DAC ports, GPIO ports, UART, JTAG, Timers.

Support DECT ULE Standards

  • 1880 – 1900 MHz in Europe
  • 1920 – 1930 MHz in USA & Canada
  • 1893.5 – 1906.1 MHz in Japan

Ultra low power consumption

  • Power ratings 2.1 - 3.45V
  • 6-200uA (Depending on data transmission interval) low power consumption
  • <3μA in sleep mode, internal timer or external port wake up

Software support

  • Full BSP options including RTOS and drivers
  • Connectivity technology to support cloud applications and access from internet to sensors through firewalls
  • Full AES-128 encryption and per-message authentication
  • Reference applications: TCP/UDP Server/Client etc
  • Dialog application framework and tool chain
  • Application framework to allow rapid development

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