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  • Dialog Semiconductor SC14SPNODE DECT ULE Module

    Dialog SC14SPNODE

    Dialog Semiconductor introduced SC14SPNODE DECT ULE module for smart home automation application which is based on latest DECT ULE standard. The SC14SPNODE, is called SmartPulse module supports on-board low power consumption applications. Being compliant with DECT ULE standard to setup wireless linkage between different security sensors. The SC14SPNODE based security sensors can provide up to 10 years life expectancy on just a single AA battery pack.

  • Smart Home Technologies ZigBee vs Z-Wave, DECT-ULE

    Smart Home - DECT, Z-Wave, ZigBee

    Traditional analog system moves to smart IP system, meanwhile home alarm system starts to integrate with smartphone applications, also extends its functionality to smart home automation. Industry standards can accelerate the technology development, based on mature technology standards, security manufacturers and new startup enterprises can develop innovative products with specific features into market. In security industry, DECT-ULE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave are primary standards. Today, consumers can find diversity smart home automation devices which adopt one of these protocols.

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