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Professional IP Camera Surveillance VMS System

Best Free IP Camera VMS Software for Mac OS PC - Xmeye

Download professional video management software offering up to 64 channel video monitoring and recording capability. The VMS software is totally free, no trial, no registration code required, and no license-fee. Most importantly, it’s compatible with all Mac OS, so that you can turn your Mac computers to a powerful video management system. The software runs smoothly on MacOS Mojave/High Sierra/Sierra, OS X EI Capitan/Yosemite/Mavericks/Mountain Lion, Mac OS X Lion/Snow Leopard/Tiger/Panther/Jaguar.

Download camera VMS software for free

Download VMS from Google Drive:

Mac OS version: General_VMS_Mac_Eng_V1.20.0.12_2016_08_01.dmg 2019 version (relased on October 2019)

Windows OS version: General_VMS_Win64_V1.0.0.1.T.20170218.rar  2021 version (32/64bit released on September 2021) 

Most security cameras only provide free software that only compatible with Windows OS, while this software is compatible with your MacOS X. Additionally, there are many cases that users want to use one software to monitor cameras from different suppliers. Hikvision provides iVMS-4200, Dahua IP cameras come with SmartPss VMS , and Axis provides Axis Camera Station. However, all of them only support cameras from their own brands. Our free VMS software is compatible with IP cameras from many brands, it also has built-in special protocol to connect with Hikvision and Dahua cameras. This freeware is perfectly compatible with XM IP cameras, it's the software to replace Xmeye app, you can connect remote Internet cameras via CloudID.

Comparing with network video recorders that typically adopt embedded Linux OS, VMS software provides you better user-experience, as it’s based on Windows GUI design. Most importantly, NVR will fail to operate when encountering firmware corruption. While you can install and uninstall VMS in event of malfunction of software. You even can restore MacOS when encountering system error. It should be noted that if your NVR’s firmware is corrupted, it can not be fixed by users, users have to return product to manufacturers for repairing. Moreover, most NVR adopts System-on-chip, which is impossible to upgrade or update. You have to abandon existing NVR If video processing capability is insufficient when you want to upgrade your existing HD surveillance system to 4K system, or you want to increase number of cameras. VMS software enables you to have a PC-based NVR which provides much powerful and robust video processing capability. The PC-based NVR is expandable, you can easily upgrade its hardware intending to obtain higher video processing capability.

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