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Unifore mini speed (PTZ) dome camera

DVR/NVR/IP Camera Xmeye App Frequently Asked Question

Xmeye is abbreviation of Xiongmai eye, the default app designed for Android and iOS smartphone or tablet, supporting remotely video monitoring for network cameras, digital video recorders, network video recorder that originally developed by Xiongmai technology regardless your IPC/DVR/NVRs’ brand. Similar to other apps, the app has built-in peer to peer (p2p) protocol to establish connection between security camera/dvr/nvr and your app. This article we are pleased to compile a frequently asked question list which answers common questions and provides solution to help you get problem resolved when using the app.

Xmeye app for Windows PC/Mac OS X computer

Xmeye app only runs for Android and iOS smart devices. For desktop computers, you can download General VMS software, which support up to 64-channel video surveillance capability, it can support local IP cameras or add your Internet/remote network cameras and network video recorder by using CloudID. The general VMS software is compatible with your Windows 32/64 OS and Mac OS X. Please note Xmeye currently has no app for Windows 10 mobile smartphone.

Xmeye error code meaning

  • Error-11204: NAT video connections reach the maximum, can not allow new NAT video connection. It occurs because too many online users to access the video feed, you can set password, or reboot device to access again.
  • Error-11300: No permission, the added new account set the permission that your device couldn’t support.
  • Error-11301: Logon account and password is incorrect, please double check password. One email address only can have one account.
  • Error-11302: No account/email is found, you should register a new account
  • Error-11307: Device is not exist or device is offline, please check is NAT status is success in system’s info page of your IPC/DVR/NVR. If NAT status is success, then verify is serial number is correct.
  • Error-11314-11315: Password incorrect
  • Error-11303: The user is locked, DVR/NVR will lock users if attempt to logon system with wrong password repeatably.
  • Error-10005: Network timeout, changing network environment, or verify if NAT status is success in device’s system’s info page.

Xmeye unknown error when adding devices

  1. Ensuring recorder’s NAT status is success under system’s info page. You only can add cameras, when NAT status is success.
  2. Ensuring device serial number, user name and password info are correct.
  3. Check if your app is an old version, please upgrade it to the latest.
  4. Upgrading firmware of your DVR/NVR/IPC, old firmware may cause the problem.

Xmeye only can watch SD resolution video not HD

If Xmeye app reminds forwarding mode, doesn’t support HD, it means app automatically switch resolution according to network speed. Ensuring your devices use the latest firmware.

Forgot Xmeye app password

In order to reset/retrieve your password, users should visit www.xmeye.net through computer browser, then click forget password to get your password back. If your account registered without using email or phone number, then you are not able to get password back, and have to register a new account.

Xmeye app language Spanish/Russia/German/Italian/French

Currently Xmeye only supports Chinese and English two language, it will switch the language according to language of your smartphone OS. It can’t support other language beside Chinese and English.

It should be noted that above content is collected from Internet, our network cameras and NVRs are based on totally different from Xiongmai, the products are using different apps for remotely viewing. The content below has no relation with Xmeye app.

Mini PTZ speed dome camera

Unifore, the renowned company supplying high quality and top-notch security equipment, proudly launched "Dexterous" series speed dome cameras featuring advanced pan/tilt/zoom though they are compact mini size cameras. Comparing with conventional PTZ dome cameras, newly designed "Dexterous" series speed dome cameras are sleek and discreet, perfectly fit space-constrained installation. They match decoration of your house and being blended into your building to provide high-end video surveillance solution. Depends on model you select, our speed dome network cameras featuring 3x optical zoom, 5x optical zoom, even 10x optical zoom capability. Leveraging industry-leading camera solution, our new speed dome cameras output FHD 1080p resolution video.

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