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Zmodo 4 Channel All-in-one sPoE NVR kit

Zmodo 4 Channel All-in-one sPoE NVR kit Review

Introduction: NVR is the abbreviation of network video recorder. The main function of NVR is receiving video streaming from IPC (IP Camera), then record on HDD, therefore to achieve video network distribution architecture.

In simple terms, through NVR, users can watch, preview, playback, manage and record video footage from multiple IP cameras. NVR can work standalone without PC, no need to install specific video management software.

Recently, many security camera manufacturers launched IP HD camera system packs dedicated to residential and commercial surveillance applications. Today, we are going to introduce you such kind of product - Zmodo 4 Channel All-in-one sPoE NVR kit, which is an ideal home IP camera system, support PC, smartphone and tablet. This pack contains 4 network cameras equipped with high performance infrared LEDs to enable camera see under low illumination environment.

Let's open this pack and try to install this system

Open pack

Zmodo offers several different network camera kits. Today, we get ZM-SS714 to test. Since this pack is a large pack, hence we only take photo on its one side.

ZM-SS714 All-in-one sPoE NVR kit Pack

On its other side of package box, it has a sticker shows the product specification including image signal sensor, TV format, lens, resolution, as well as supported network protocols.

ZM-SS714 All-in-one sPoE NVR kit Specification

Open the box, we can see the four network cameras lied on the upper level.

ZM-SS714 Items Inside

Take out the cameras, there is a NVR on the second layer.

ZM-SS714 Items Inside

Also take out the NVR, we can see the Ethernet cables, power adapters and several bags of screw.

ZM-SS714 Ethernet Cable

All the items in ZM-SS714 pack

ZM-SS714 Cameras + NVR

Remove all the package box, this ZM-SS714 kit includes 1x 4CH NVR, 4x network cameras, 4x bundles Ethernet cable, 1x AC/DC adapter, 1x instruction manual.

ZM-SS714 Cameras + NVR + Power Adapter

The included NVR is a 4 channel 1U size PoE NVR, on its rear panel it has four separate PoE Ethernet ports (to connect PoE IP cameras) and VGA video output, as well as two USB 2.0 ports, Alarm I/O interface. Unfortunately, I don't find HDMI port and eSATA on this NVR.

ZM-SS714 NVR Rear Panel

Unscrew all the screws on NVR to open it, remove the cover, we can install HDD to let it run.

ZM-SS714 NVR Install HDD

let's check the IP camera, this IP camera doesn't have separate power connector, since it adopts PoE to transmit power supply. This is one of advantages of this camera pack. A traditional IP camera requires one power cable and one Ethernet cable. This PoE camera only has one Ethernet cable, therefore it can reduce cost on installation.

ZM-SS714 PoE Camera

Test this camera pack

After we inspect all the items, I am keen on testing its function, image quality, and whether the installation is easy or not. With these questions in mind, I am going to test/install this system.

Step 1: Hardwired Connection

Connect the IP camera to NVR directly with provided Ethernet cable, use extra short Ethernet cable connects NVR to router, connect the USB mouse and power adapter. (We connect NVR to TV projector through VGA port)

After mounted the bracket to IP cameras, they look like as below picture:

ZM-SS714 PoE Four IP Cameras

The connection diagram as below:

ZM-SS714 IP Cameras Connect to NVR

Step 2: Setup NVR System

Turn On NVR, it starts booting.

ZM-SS714 NVR Setup

Using the default account: ADMIN, password: 1111 to login the NVR system, then you can add IP cameras.

ZM-SS714 NVR Login

Step 3: Recording Resolution Setting

After setup is complete, you can watch real time live video, the image quality is 720P, clear. 100fps screen refresh rate, video looked very smooth.

ZM-SS714 NVR Image Quality

We have tested many different IP camera systems, each of them has unique features, but there are many highlights of this product which are not available to other products, such as it's an entry-level system, easy to setup and operate. Typically some consumers have no patience to learn how to setup a sophisticated IP surveillance. User just need to follow included instructions to connect the camera, then setup through NVR's wizard, only several simple steps, user can see the live view images.

When use/install general product, you need to connect many cables, but Zmodo camera system just need to use single Ethernet cable to transmit both power and data.

Although compared with other products, Zmodo has many advantages, but there are many shortcomings, such as camera material is just so-so, does not have the voice transmission capabilities, eliminating the power cable perhaps not a good idea if consumers want to use extra power supply.

However, by considering this product's monitoring function has been able to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses, and this is a package that contains four cameras, with a NVR, ZM-SS714's price is not very high, it is a highly cost-effective product.


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