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4K/Ultra HD H.265 Network Camera

Test & Review 2MP H.265 Network Camera DH-IPC-HFW8238E-Z-IRA Dahua

"Latest compression technologies bring new possibilities to UHD video surveillance" - ASMAG magazine. It seems 4K/UHD will replace the current 1080p to become the next standard format in video surveillance market. We also realize that the cost of Full HD 1080p network cameras keeps decreasing, low price battle leads to fierce competition, will push manufacturers develop high-end products, so some experts predict that 4K/UHD will become popular in 2018.

As the pioneer HD video SoC manufacturers, both Hisilicon and Ambarella have already released the new generation SoCs support 4K/UHD resolution with the latest H.265 video compression format. According to IHS authoritative report, Chinese manufacturers get ahead in H.265 video compression technology. Herein we intend to introduce you DH-IPC-HFW8238E-Z-IRA network camera from Dahua. DH-IPC-HFW8238E-Z-IRA is a motorized zoom lens 2 megapixel outdoor network camera.


DH-IPC-HFW8238E-Z-IRA is a 2 megapixel motorized zoom lens (2.7mm~12mm) outdoor network camera, the camera's dimension is 288.3×118.3×101mm, it adopts aluminum housing, weight reaches 2500g, paint with white color. Delicate, heavy-duty housing offers great protection to internal camera module. Its interface including BNC video output, 1CH video I/O, 1x RJ45 Ethernet port, 1x Reset button, Alarm I/O.


This network camera supports PoE function, in this test we use the regular separate power adapter to provide power supply, after we finished the connection, we enter its web interface through IE. The camera's web interface is intuitive and easy to operate, main functions including preview, playback, set, alarm, logout five sections. In camera's parameter setting, we choose 1080P@25fps and H.264 codec to test its basic video processing performance.

Full HD 1080p Crystal Image Quality

DH-IPC-HFW8238E-Z-IRA supports Auto Back Focus (ABF) function, push the ABF button, and in minimum optical zoom condition, we measure its video resolution making the camera aim at resolution testing card board. After measurement, its horizontal resolution is 1050TVL, vertical resolution is 1000TVL, edge resolution is 750TVL; then we measure its color reproduction performance, besides the red and pink colors are a little dark, the rest of colors are reproduced accurately. Additionally, we find its recognizable greyscale level can reach 16 grade, and the minimum distance between camera and target is 27cm.

Color Reproduction Test
Color Reproduction Test

In order to test its network performance, we put the camera aims at outdoor traffic road, using bitrate calculation software, we measure its highest bit rate is 5.2Mbps, minimum bitrate is 3.7Mbps, average bitrate is 4.6Mbps, the bitrate is a bit unstable. As it supports H.265 video compression format, the bitrate will reduced to half. In video latency test, we find its average video delay time is 256ms, network controlling performance is excellent, meeting the high-end network camera's criteria.

Bitrate Controlling Test
Bitrate Controlling Test

Versatile Smart Video Analytics

Actually, this network camera offers smart video analytics. Firstly, it supports face recognition and detection, when our staff enter into monitored scene, the camera can immediately recognize the face, form a green square outline; then we test its cross-line detection, we draw a detection line in monitoring scene, then enable Snapshot function, when our staff walk inside the room to trigger detection line, the camera will instantly react, form a green square outline; we also test its intrusion detection, missing object detection, people gathering detection. We conclude that this camera video analytics is extraordinary. By the way, Dahua DH-IPC-HFW8238E-Z-IRA is equipped with infrared illuminators, the infrared illumination range covers up to 150 meters.

Face Recognition & Detection
Face Recognition & Detection
Crossing Line Detection
Crossing Line Detection

Product Features

  • 2 megapixel (1920 × 1080) @ 25fps
  • Support wide dynamic, ultra-low-light
  • Support H.265 encoding, high compression ratio, low bitrate stream
  • ACF (Activity Controlled Framerate), support for mobile monitoring
  • Corridor mode support, more flexible application
  • Support wide dynamic, 3D noise reduction, HLC, BLC
  • Support digital watermark encryption to prevent data from being tampered
  • Support Manual Focus 
  • ICR filter switching function, to achieve 24-hour monitoring
  • Support AC24V / POE, DC12V / POE power supply, easy installation
  • Support multiple network protocols for different applications
  • Support network disconnection, IP conflict, motion detection, smart video analystics
  • Maximum Infrared illumination reaches up to 150 meters

Remark: ASMAG China Magazine performed the above test, the copyright of images belong to ASMAG China, please contact us if this violates content copyright.

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