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StarVedia IP Camera

StarVedia IP Camera IC731w/z Supports Z-Wave

StarVedia Technology Inc. is a professional manufacturer of video and network security equipment, the company's new product IC731z - smart home IP camera, once again won the 2015 Taipei COMPUTEX d&i awards. With built-in smart home gateway and inclusion of Z-Wave technology is the highlight of StarVedia IP camera IC731z.

StarVedia Technology's manager - Mr. Wu has quite insightful and in-depth understanding in the development and application trends of network video technology, encountering the fierce competition in the market environment, except StarVedia launched its own brand YesCam, in 2015 the company focuses on home automation, launched the IC731z - smart home IP camera. Mr. Wu said they would choose Z-Wave as core transmission technology, mainly because Z-wave is suitable for wireless home automation, the newly designed IC731z integrates with Z-Wave technology, which allows user to access and control any home appliances via smartphone, tablet or PC.

The new IC731z also has versatile functions including (A) Support alarm notification, when linked Z-wave security sensors detect any abnormal event, the camera will notify users through sending push notification to smartphone. (B) Support SD card, NAS and Dropbox cloud video storage, user can view the camera through smartphone or tablet. IC731z also supports 5 seconds pre-record function. (C) Day & night dual lens. (D) Two-way audio communication function, built-in microphone and speaker.

StarVedia IP Camera Connection Diagram

StarVedia is optimistic about the huge opportunities for smart home automation, the general manager Wu proposed smart home solutions on a camera (SOC) concept, a set of IP camera to offer all the functionality, which represents a trend: highly integrated, easy to use and affordable price. IC731z is not only the ideal solution for home and business video surveillance monitoring, Z-Wave integration also enables users to enjoy the smart home automation, simply touch on smartphone, you can control home appliances through utilizing a wide range of Z-Wave devices.

Product Highlights

  • P2P technology, no IP address or DNS settings.
  • H.264 video compression.
  • Mega-pixel for up to 1280x800 resolution at 30 fps.
  • Two sensors/lens for day and night separately.
  • PoE (IEEE802.3af) for up to 50 meters.
  • MicroSD card video recording with 5 seconds of pre-recording.
  • 802.11 n wireless with WEP and WPA/WPA2 security support.
  • WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) support
  • Triple video streaming on PC, mobile and SD card recording
  • Night mode control – support automatic, manual and scheduled modes
  • Software adjustable 1 to 3 high power IR LED numbers
  • Connect up to 20 users simultaneously
  • Come with free VMS (video management software)
  • Push notification on iPhone and Android for motion and sound detection
  • Email/ftp alarm message for motion and sound detection
  • Event scheduling
Intelligent Cube Camera D1000
Intelligent Cube Camera D1000

Similarly, Unifore released Erobot D1000, which is an intelligent network cube camera supports burglary alarm detection. The camera adopts patent cube design, has built-in wide angle PIR motion sensor to offer accurate movement detection. Besides, it has built-in IR-CUT filter to provide true day & night video monitoring, the built-in Infrared illuminates enable camera to see at night up to 15 meters. Different from other security camera, this camera can work with up to 64 wireless security sensors. User can expand the system by adding extra wireless security sensors such as wireless door/window sensor, wireless PIR motion sensor, wireless glass break sensor, vibration sensor, even smoke sensor.

Get your eRobot System

Dual Lens

The unique, innovative practical design, dual-lens is the best answer to defective problem of mechanical ICR filter, it provides best stability and durability. Dual-lens provides different focus for daylight wavelength and night time infrared wavelength to have clearer video day and night.

Temperature alert

Temperature alarm is very useful in places like green house, drugstore, baby room warehouse where temperature control are very important. Create new home security market where temperature control is important for those people like baby, elders and sick person. Temperature alarm is not just a feature of an IP camera, it creates a brand new market.

Private cloud DVR solution

Private cloud DVR solution turns your camera into all-in-one home security system with no extra recording hardware needed. Free mobile/tablet app for playback video on your phone both live and past event from anywhere, anytime. Smart motion recording with PIR sensor can help you to save up disk space and record for weeks with 32GB card.

StarVedia IC717z IP Camera
StarVedia IC717z IP Camera

5 Seconds pre-recording

The IP camera is watching your house day and night. When alarm was triggered, the camera will start SD card recording and this recording was even started 5 seconds before the alarm event. Your mobile device will receive the alarm notification and you would retrieve the recorded video immediately to check the whole situation.

Alarm Notification

The mobile device will receive alarm notification immediately when the alarm is triggered and the video is recorded in SD card for later evidence usage. The alarm could be from PIR, motion, sound or temperature. For those people like green house or warehouse that is very sensitive to temperature changes, the mobile device will receive the alarm notification once when the temperature is out of the specified range.

P2P Video Streaming

Peer to Peer technology decrease the video stream latency. The video stream does not pass through the server, users will not need to worry that the video could be captured by the server or being hacked. User accounts are not stored in the server, no need to worry if the server is hacked.

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