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PoE Surveillance System Diagram

PoE network switch for IP camera review - POE4100P

PoE switch can simplify the installation of your IP video surveillance system. It enables IP camera to receive power from centralized power source, while achieving data and power transmission over Cat5 cable. Since the rapid deployment of IP surveillance system, we realize the rapid increasing for PoE switch. Unifore is delighted to presents its POE4100P, a 5 ports 10/100Mbps PoE switch.

5 ports PoE Switch for IP Cameras

POE4100P is an economical PoE switch, it's designed to work with Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) and IP camera, it can simplify the installation of residential and commercial network.

PoE4100P network switch comes with 5 10/100Mps ports, among them, 4 ports can provide standard IEEE802.3af power supply. It has advanced auto-sense function to provide power supply for 802.3ad device, therefore it will not damage non-standard or non-PoE devices. Besides, when PoE devices have been unplugged, the switch will stop outputing power supply. Simple, reliable design, the POE4100P can automatically recognize PoE device, speed, duplex and use AutoUplink's network type.

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POE4100P adopts industrial powerful PoE chip-set solution, its core component to provide PoE function, the PoE switch can provide user intelligent power management, including smart recognize PD device, Network terminal equipment power rating, stepped boost power supply, power line real time monitoring which are managed by core chip. Unifore's POE4100P network switch utilizes Microsemi's chip, the chip comes from Israel's PowerDsine which had been acquired by Microsemi in 2007.

PoE connection example

Unifore's POE4100P PoE switch dedicated to use in video surveillance field. Consequently, the compatibility becomes crucial important feature for PoE switch. PoE network switch complies IP cameras can devide into two aspects, firstly providing power supply, Unifore's POE4100P PoE switch adopts international standard IEEE802.3af design, default power supply utilizes 1236 mode, complies with Hikvision, Dahua, Axis, BOSCH, Samsung manufactured PoE parameter of IP camera; Another is data transmission feature, video surveillance has high requirement on data transmission speed and latency. Unifore's POE4100P network switch has excellent performance on data communication feature. We will discuss this on below paragraph.

PoE network switch internal

Unifore's POE4100P network switch adopts dual heat-ventilation design, firstly it adopts Aluminum heat sink to cool PoE chip. Additionally, there is heat conduction pad between PoE chip and metal housing. This design can effectively cool the system to ensure the stability and lifespan.

Unifore's POE4100P is an unmanaged 5 ports PoE network switch, very simple to use, simply connect the network cable and turn on switch, it can be put to use, does not require additional setup. We tested the data transmission speed between two network devices, the results were higher than the similar products, during our several days test, we didn't encounter network disruption or instability.

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